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Internet ADs - Why u no decent? | PMC ADs | How to stop ADs | What ADs should be like

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avatar H-MAN_25
Level 24 : Expert Cake
Hey everyone,
I'm just blogging to talk about ADs - those boxes in the corner of your screen that just wish had a mute button? I mean - sometimes ADs are interesting, but whenever I'm on the internet the ADs are usually bad. Why anyone would click these ADs is a question that I still need to answer, but until that day I'm gonna try and answer this:
Internet ADs - Why u no decent?


This blog contains four sections: Types of bad advertisements, A decent AD, How to stop ADs and Internet ADs - why u no decent? The main section called 'Types of bad advertisements' is written just as text, whilst the other three require you to click the spoiler. This should allow you to find the section you want to read easier when the blog becomes bigger.

Types of bad advertisements

ADs that are so clearly a scam, they might as well have the word's 'this is a scam' instead of 'you've won a lottery that you never entered': You know the ones. I don't know why it's even legal for advertising companies to display scam ADs. One problem with the internet is - no one country can police it, meaning lots of illegal stuff is done using the internet, but pretty much every country hates scam ADs. I think it shouldn't be legal to make an AD that looks like an error message either. Plus, the ones that have flashing lights should be limited - because it's not fair for someone with epilepsy to be put through that.

AD scams that are badly made [all of them]:
I can understand ripping people off, but what bugs me more is the fact that with virtually no effort I could make a scam that's better than half of the one's you see in ADs. Not saying I'm gonna - but come on! Flashing lights, a stupid gif or a box that's supposed to look like it's an error message? What happens when you click these? You get a bad looking website that make the scam even more obvious. At least make it look like a real website!

ADs that give you a heart attack because they randomly start playing music:
This happened to me yesterday - it was eleven O'clock, and I was editing a short film, the genre - horror. I don't usually do scary short films on my YouTube, but I was having a hard time editing because the sound effect combination I was using was really creepy. Try mixing various screams with an army snare - it's creepy. I had my volume up at about half way - and all of a sudden one of those irritating Tesco ADs with music that doesn't relate to the product comes on. It made me jump, and after that I just couldn't be bothered to edit any-more. Well I did kinda need some sleep... But the point is - if an AD has audio, there should be a fade transition, it shouldn't just come on like that.

ADs that if your family saw, they wouldn't be impressed:

I really think that some of these ADs are pathetic. I mean, if you're honestly going to play a game because the characters are half-naked then you ought to find something better to do with your life. There are always AD's for IMVU too - and they make me sick just looking at them, because the idea behind IMVU is horrible. I'm not gonna go into details - but it isn't right.

I'd also like to make note of the 'only men' phrase that in used in these kind of AD's... It's just pathetic - the chances are it's more likely to be a teen considering the people on PMC, and even it's because they'd want to be considered a man. Also, take note that I myself am a male teen and I'm not impressed.

But - let's not criticize PMC for this!
PMC runs ADs to help keep the website running, and they don't choose the AD's either.

A decent AD:
What internet ADs should be like.

But how can we stop these AD's?
There's a simple way to stop these ADs, and I'm gonna tell you what it is.

A larger scale idea.
All ADs are influenced by their target markets, so because of the great deal of people who use the internet to look at naked pictures, lots of ADs will try and aim their product at them. So what I'm saying is, if you stop using the internet to look at this stuff, this type of AD will go away. Not like I expect this to happen, but it's a point that shouldn't be left un-noticed.

So, Internet AD's - why you know decent?
I finally answer the question.

If you enjoyed reading this Blog as much as I did writing it, please diamond it - for just a second of your time, it really means a lot to me. Thanks again -

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 07/21/2013 5:33:54 amJul 21st, 2013

Added conclusion and 'What can you do?' sections.

12/20/2013 10:35 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Mage
the chrome add block helps, thank you
10/13/2013 9:02 am
Level 43 : Master Lad
Don't forget the ones where you "need" to click to do a certain action.
09/26/2013 10:23 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
07/26/2013 11:39 am
Level 43 : Master Droid
Adblocker takes away from people revenue. The average youtuber and website makes 75% of their money from ads, you block them they don't get payed. It's bullshit. Don't be a dick and remove it.
07/21/2013 5:56 pm
Level 21 : Expert Scribe
Thank goodness I am not the only one that thinks this!
07/21/2013 10:11 pm
Level 42 : Master Nether Knight
i agree!
07/21/2013 2:14 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Lumberjack
The ads that show up on certain sites are determined by your browser history.
07/21/2013 2:27 pm
Level 24 : Expert Cake
Yeah, but sadly not on PMC. I can understand that though, because AD's that aren't determined by what someone's history is give more money to the website that the AD is on.
07/21/2013 11:09 am
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
07/21/2013 11:18 am
Level 24 : Expert Cake
Thanks, I can't believe I did that 0_0
07/21/2013 11:04 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Network
I fully enjoyed and agree with this blog! But one note is that advertisers use ads to make a lot of freaken money that they really need that much of to begin with. But because greed is king that's what they make retarded ads. :( It's really sad really. Humans weren't designed to have that much money anyway.
07/21/2013 5:02 am
Level 24 : Expert Cake
Thanks for the feedback guys! :D
07/21/2013 3:34 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Yea I wish they were banned
cavity search smileybanned smiley
Im tired of them
computer tired smiley
07/20/2013 7:21 pm
Level 47 : Master Pixel Painter
I hate the half-naked games. Adds are so annoying! The putt a half naked women, and then people are like zOMG BEWBS!!!! I hate em'
07/20/2013 6:53 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cowboy
I once saw one of those "100,000,000th viewer of this page" ads and it had a green border around it that said "THIS IS A JOKE"
12/20/2013 10:43 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
That person that did that ad was really honest.
07/20/2013 4:13 pm
Level 22 : Expert Toast
I understand the way you feel, but this was one of the reasons sopa was made. I would rather watch my non-existent ad blocked ads than cope with sopa.
07/20/2013 3:22 pm
Level 22 : Expert Pirate
I freaking hate those ads that say "YOU ARE THE 100,000TH VISITOR ON THIS SITE!! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! CLICK HERE FOR A FREE iPAD!!!!". I FREAKING hate those.
07/20/2013 2:46 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
I use ADBlock Plus, but when I was 7, I played on this website called girlsgogames or something, and they had that stupid IMVU ad, which got my brothers weirded out ((they were 8 and 13, and they thought I was ON that ad ._.))
07/20/2013 1:38 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Taco
If you hate ads so much use an ad blocker like
07/21/2013 5:04 am
Level 24 : Expert Cake
This helped lots, I'll make a section on the blog about this.
07/20/2013 12:08 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
people who dont use AdBlockerz - why r u so dumb?
07/20/2013 5:14 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Dragon
Well, since he owns a youtube channel, he likely understands that adds have their own use - a use for the people who add them to the website. Without adds, PMC gains money only from donations, which is a nonscheduled system, and they may not get donations for long periods of time. By using adblocker, you're depriving them of some of their money, which they need to maintain the website. So it isn't fair to call them dumb. They may simply be considerate. I myself use adblocker, simply because I'm inconsiderate, and hate ads, and viruses. and possess poor mouse skills.. So if you're inconsiderate, use adblockers!
07/21/2013 5:46 am
Level 24 : Expert Cake
Thanks for helping me out. I didn't actually know about Adblockers, but I do have a pop-up blocker. Then again weter didn't help when all he said was how I was stupid for not using one, instead of suggesting that I do use one. You have an awesome name BTW :D
07/20/2013 8:12 am
Level 22 : Expert Skinner
God, that is real. I don't really like seeing Scarlet Blade AD's at the skin section.
07/20/2013 12:35 pm
Level 24 : Expert Cake
I completely agree! I was going to mention that, but generally I think AD's like the Scarlet Blade ones are pathetic. Thanks for the favourite BTW I really appreciate the feedback!
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