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Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft 1.19

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In this short article I'm going to walk you though the main features included in Minecraft 1.19 - The Wild Update.

This is not everything that comes along with this new update but the most notable features.
Boats with Chest

Boats with chest

This one doesn't need much explanation, it's what you can already understand by the title - Chests on boats. These are extremely useful as you always need portable inventory when traveling & exploring in Minecraft.
Mangrove Swamp Trees

Mangrove Trees

Minecraft 1.19 or The Wild Update will feature a major swamp update including Mangrove Trees. These trees can be planted underwater or on land, and they'll grow up into bigg masses of root blocks with vines hanging down around. You can harvest them and use the wood to create items you already can with the already existing wood types - Mangrove Door, Mangrove slabs, Mangrove fences, Mangrove trapdoor etc.
Mangrove Swamp Trees

Allay Mob

Allay Mob is this year's winner of the mob vote and will be part of Minecraft 1.19. The Allay looks like a small blue fairy that loves to dance. What does Allay do? Allay collects items for you. What items? Whatever item you give to Allay will look for and bring it back to you! Compared Glare and Copper Golem it was clearly the winner from the beginning.
Mangrove Swamp Trees

Frogs and Fireflies

Minecraft 1.19 will feature frogs and there's a few types of them: Snowy, Swamp & Tropical. Frogs start as tadpoles and they'll grow into a type of Frog, depending on the biome they're in. You can also put tadpoles into buckets. Frogs will hop around in lily pads and eat fireflies.
Mud Block


New block being added into Minecraft 1.19 - Mud. You can make mud by pouring water on dirt. You can do 2 things with mud:
  • You can place a mud block on top of dripstoe to drain the moisture out and turn into clay
  • You can turn mud into mud bricks for a new buildng material

Those are the most important features that will be on Minecraft 1.19 - The Wild Update

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