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avatar Dalek_Cairn
Level 40 : Master Skinner

Chainsaw : You can put this in crafting bench to cut wooden planks into half blocks,quarter blocks and half quarter blocks.This is how you craft a chainsaw .You can also cut down trees at the speed of Golden Axe's

You have to charge the chainsaw by putting a empty battery:RE Battery in the furnace and put coal in to charge it

Refined IronRefined IronRefined Iron

Electronic CircuitRE Battery ChargedRefined Iron



Chainsaw Uncharged

You can make a Electrical Circuit :Electronic Circuit By getting refined iron: Refined Iron[Smelt iron to get this]

Then put the refined iron in a 3x3 square and a battery: RE Battery Charged in the middle of it and you have a electrical circuit:Electronic Circuitto get a battery:RE Battery Chargedput refined iron:Refined Iron into a crafting bench like this

Refined IronRefined Iron

Refined IronRefined Iron = RE Battery

There is no gap inbetween the top and bottom ingot.



A Drill:Mining Drill can cut through any block at the speed of a golden tool.You also need to charge the tool the same way as the chainsaw. This is how you craft a Drill: Mining Drill

Refined Iron

Refined IronElectronic CircuitRefined Iron

Refined IronRE Battery ChargedRefined Iron

Follow the same steps as the chainsaw crafting recipes


Tree Tap [Not so modern]

The Tree Tap:Treetap drains sap from trees,you can use this sap to make sap blocks by smelting them into ingots then placing them in 2x2 formation in a crafting table.Heres how you craft a tap.

Wooden Planks

Wooden PlanksWooden Planks


Thanks industrial craft for the ideas and pics.I tweaked the recipes a bit and alot more stuff please diamond sub and fav BYE :)


12/08/2012 9:01 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Mage
antvenom is best
12/08/2012 3:50 pm
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Yeah i give ALOT! of credit to industrial craft and tekkit and stuff but i tweaked it ALOT!
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