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Expression of my life blog#1

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BitNotPretending avatar BitNotPretending
Level 34 : Artisan Nether Knight
I waiting it. Day by day to meet him but it is fake hope. Its a tragedy........

Day by day i thinking about him but now its all useless. Day by day i cannot hold my feeling to talk to him but its all gone.

It Fu*king 2 years and i waste it for unknow friend. I really dont get it. I change but i alone. I have decent friend. Im lonely.

Day by day i lost my friend. Got block. Did i have badluck or it is my fate. Day by day i getting lost in sadness. When i need help they gone. Only anonymous friend that help me.

When i chat them on whatassp they only gave me blue tick. They not helping me. 2 years without hope and when its come it is fake.

Only PMC blog i can expression my feeling. I glad someone can listen to my problem but...... Im too dumb.

Life without love feeling and dont have friend is completely useless........ My life is empty only blog i can write and only youtube i can make video. Its all to make me happy but it is for a while.......

My life is tragedy because bad luck or it is fate?

02/18/2021 9:55 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Procrastinator
Inferno Digital
Inferno Digital avatar
*hugs* life can be hard, but stay strong! Know there will always be people willing to comfort you if you just reach out. X3
02/18/2021 2:38 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Sus
MandaL0rian avatar
You're not dumb you're just expressing your feelings!
02/18/2021 2:57 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Nether Knight
BitNotPretending avatar
im dumb. so why my friend left me and find another one
02/18/2021 3:02 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Sus
MandaL0rian avatar
You're friend left because they were rude. It's okay to feel like it but just know that you are not dumb
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