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NOTE #1: You may know some of them that is shown, please don't post, "Everybody knows fact #".
NOTE#2: If any fact is wrong/outdated please tell me.
NOTE#3: Grammar error? Please tell me. I rush things bruh.

Now I don't want to be a douche but I stopped doing facts due to the major things happening around my life. If you would like me to do more, i'll try my best to keep on adding till 500 or even 1000.


1. You can erase the colored dye of leather clothing by using a cauldron filled with water.

2. Throwing invisibility potions on spiders cause them to have a cool effect which makes their eyes glow.

3. Herobrine isn't real, he is just a glitch who got in the game and rumors were just spreaded.

4. Notch called Minecraft "Cave Game" for two versions.

5. There was a way to break bedrock by using seeds. (fixed)

6. You can make a cooler torch design. (Place a torch on a wall, place a picture frame behind it, place a any type of slab,wall, fence those blocks and put it into the picture frame, you'll get it if you try it)

7. Milk reverses all potion effects.

8. Endermen sounds are human voices of Hi, Hello, and What's Up being distorted and reversed.

9. Eggs have a 1.256 chance of spawning 4 chickens by one egg.

10. Sheeps have a 0.5 chance of spawning pink.

11. There is a way to get the Dragon Egg by using torches or a piston.

12. Snowballs hurt blazes by 1.2 hearts.

13. Eggs, snowballs, beds, and even enderpearls are a good way to kill the ender dragon.

14. Sugarcane only grow on the edges of land next to water.

15. You can still open chests when a stair block is on top of it.

16. Iron Golems, Endermen, Silverfish, Magma Cubes, Snow Golems and Slimes can't swim.

17. Slimes will always jump in a straight line.

18. Water sources will find the nearest hole 5 blocks away from it.

19. You can't see anything behind vertical stairs outside, but easier when seeing out of it.

20. When ice is placed below soul sand the player will walk slower than regularly just walking on it.(This is because soul sand is a little shorter than other blocks)

21. Soul sand is shorter than other blocks causing a one way door.

22. Doors, torches, fences, iron bars, trap door, signs, fence gates are a good way for air pockets. (I'm not sure if they fixed that)

23. You can go through paintings only if there is a hole in a wall and if they are placed on a wall or sign.

24. You can place torches beneath paintings.

25. You can't see ice/water/nether portals through ice, vice versa.

26. You can hop into a minecart through little cracks like stairs or half slabs.

27. You can also hop into minecarts through lava and water.

28. Easier to catch fish in the rain.

29. You can fish underwater.

30. To find North in the old days they would look were the cloud was going and the L on the cobblestone.

31. Enderstone and Netherrack is just a retextured version of cobblestone.

32. Exp orbs can power wooden pressure plates.

33. Squiggly lines can hang off signs.

34. Wolves/pups kill sheeps.

35. Ocelots scare off creepers.

36. Sheeps eat grass to regrow their wool.

37. Sheeps can eat grass through half slabs.

38. You can get more wool by shearing sheeps.

39. Ocelots are scared of players.

40. To know when your wolf's health is low check their tail and when it's down their low.

41. Use any type of meat to heal your wolves.

42. You can dye a wolf's collar when tamed.

43. Fire/lava can cook chicken, pigs, cows, meat!

44. Ghasts can't blow up cobblestone.

45. You can take wolves into the nether.

46. Place bone meal in a dark area with grass on the ground makes a good way to get seeds.

47. Water makes the best lawn mowers!

48. Water makes the best redstone mowers.. :c

49. Redstone or levers of any type can negate the paths of rails.

50. There is an 1.1 chance of a skeleton spawning on a spider, (Spider jockey!)

51. Sprinting and jumping underneath blocks is more faster than regular sprinting.

52. Pigs can ride minecarts with a saddle on them, and you can ride on the pig riding on the minecart.

53. You can't hit Endermen with arrows.

54. If creepers are struck by lightning they are turned in MEGA CREEPERS and they get a blue glow on them to signify their strength. (pretty pretty pretty pretty rare)

55. Super creepers explode more than a regular one.

56. When a pig is struck by lightning they are turned into a pigman.

57. Magma cubes, endermen, spiders, cave spiders, blazes, glow in the dark.

58. TNT explosions can explode in water but don't cause any destruction.

59. Creepers can explode in water but don't cause any destruction.

60. Trap doors, doors, fences, fence gate, signs, ladder will hold back water or lava.

61. You can put pumpkins on your head. (not when their Jack-O-Lanterns)

62. Put a torch and pumpkin in a crafting table makes them jack-o-lanterns!

63. You can find diamonds in strongholds, pyramids, jungle temples, abandon minshaft, and villages where the blacksmith houses are.

64. Mobs can chose whether not cross rails.

65. Half slabs and cake on ice can still effect the sliding effect on you.

66. Apples have a 1.2 chance or .5 percent of dropping out of leaves that are being decayed not being punched out.

67. Poison potions or cave spiders's venom don't kill you, just takes you to half a heart.

68. Lava hitting water makes stone, vice versa makes obsidian.

69. Can't make snow golems or iron golems by using pistons.

70. Wooden slabs couldn't get on fire before 1.7.3.

71. Any fences four blocks high with a mob on it can't go anywhere or get damage, it'll just stay there. (forever...)

72. Pistons aren't functional when signs are on the face.

73. Breaking pistons by the bottom part in creative breaks it, when breaking the top part of the piston breaks it and drops the piston.

74. You can go up water faster when being hit.

75. Getting hit in water up or down the player pushes them off left or right.

76. Arrows can bounce off creative and sometime survival players, and spectators in games which can block the player's shot.

77. Shooting an arrow at ignited TNT will bounce right back at you.

78. Crouching can effect reach distance.

79. Fire can spread quickly on different types of flammable blocks.

80. The fortune enchant increases the drop rating on apples, flint, and seeds.

81. Note blocks don't work properly on most stone blocks, and must have a open space on top to sound.

82. Mobs don't burn on soul sand.

83. Flint and steel has 65 uses.

84. Bows have 385 shots.

85. Shears have 239 uses.

86. Fishing have 65 uses.

87. You can place torches/redstone torches on glass but can't place any torches on stained.

88. Netherbrick fences and regular fences don't attach.

89. Clicking on a dragon egg teleports it 17 spaces vertical and 15 spaces horizontal.

90. Shears don't lose durability when destroying wool.

91. Best way to farm wool is to dye the sheep first then shearing it off, not shearing or killing the sheep and getting the wool and having to dye it individually.

92. It's possible to break blocks by blocking and punching at the same time.

93. Boats break lily pads when sailing over them.

94. You can get on the top of the Nether by going into the portal in a certain coordinate or enderpearl glitch up.

95. Cacti/cactus can destroy dropped items.

96. Splash potion of harming can heal the undead.

97. Vice versa on Arthropods.

98. Creepers can get hurt by harming potions and healed by healing.

99. You can place signs on top of signs and sides of signs.

100. In the nether the biome name is called Hell while in the End it's called Sky.

101. The achievement "We need to go deeper" is an Inception reference.

102. Ghasts and pigman don't die in lava or get caught on fire.

103. When standing still in a certain distance, skeletons will miss you.

104. Zombies have a smart AI in mazes while chasing a villager.

105. Vines will stop enderpearls.

106. Vines will only grow when jungle logs is vertically placed.

107. Melons can break faster when getting hit by a sword.

108. Pumpkins break faster when getting chopped by a axe.

109. Pumpkins are naturally harder to find than diamonds.

110. There are only 3 strongholds in per world.

111. There are unlimited nether fortresses in the nether.

112. Throwing harming potions in a wall hurts less than throwing it on the ground.

113. You can enderpearl through walls, aim at the bottom and throw it and slide through the blocks.

114. Reaching the blocks on the edges of the whole minecraft world are referred ghost blocks and you can fall straight through them.

115. Breaking the block underneath a cake will make the cake disappear.

116. Sticky or non-sticky pistons can disappear cakes when pushed by them.

118. Sinking into lava and looking into the sky appears as the sky were a reddish orange color.

119. Placing 4 jungle saplings on a 2x2 square and adding bonemeal to it creates the bigger version of a jungle tree.

120. Same thing goes to dark oak trees.

121. A hoed dirt block is called "Farmland"

122. A hoed dirt block on top a chest can still allow you to open it.

123. If you have right timing place a water source or cobweb before falling to prevent damage.

124. Potions effects work effectively when throwing it in the sky and making it hit you.

125. Shoot a arrow on a closed door then open the door doesn't make the arrow fall.

126. Lava and water make great mowers on cobwebs.

127. There are mushrooms on top of the nether.

128. In the old days of minecraft, when you are in the top of the nether that means you crashed minecraft.

129. Roses) are naturally harder to find than dendelions, but unfortunately roses have been replaced by poppies.

130. With speed II don't sprint and jump because it makes you slower.

131. Ghasts are the sounds of C418's cat.

132. When breaking ice with nothing below doesn't do anything, but with a block below it water will come from it.

133. When you have a pumpkin on your head, endermen won't kill you when you look at them.

134. You can still sleep through a thunderstorm.

135. Eat a spider eye for food, but don't worry it won't poison your hunger it'll poison you.

136. In creative mode, you can use the pick block which is the scroll mouse and get the desired block.

137. You can also pick block animals and by doing so it'll give you the spawn egg.

138. Steak, cooked pork, and baked potatoes will give you a better saturation than others.

139. There are rare villagers that have green clothing and have better trades.

140. When creating a iron golem or snow golem it removes 1 block in the whole entire world.

141. A whole minecraft day is about 20 minutes.

142. Using a tool for something it's not used for, decreases the durability by 2 instead of 1.

143. Achievement get is a Mario reference.

144. Skeletons have a 6% chance of dropping their broken enchanted bows.

145. Skeletons sometimes spawn mainly in golden armor.

146. Turn birch or jungle and type of wood into planks then boats, and break it, it'll turn to oak planks.

147. Riding a pig inside a minecart inverts the controls. It can go with full speed without any power rails.

148. There is a 30% chance of a zombie infecting a villager.

149. Zombie villagers hurt half a heart more than a regular zombie.

150. With the silk touch enchantment it can pick up glass and ice.

151. When enchanting a sword with a silk touch book you can still get the items you couldn't with a regular pickaxe.

152. Sponge was used in Classic and Indev to be able to erase water within a 5x5x5 area but was no longer working when finite water was implemented.

153. You can't get vines/ferns/deadbush with the silk touch enchantment.

154. You can get seeds from ferns.

155. Mushrooms blocks can be the fuel of furnaces.

156. You can obtain cob webs with silk touch swords.

157. A ghast a break your portal and create your portals using it's flame charges.

158. A skeleton with a enchanted bow on a spider has a 1.3 chance of spawning.

159. You can add more than 3 enchantments on a sword.

160. Horses only take damage 7 blocks high.

161. Golden apples will make horses love you more.

162. The highest time for a potion effect to last is 10 minutes but no other potions have 10 minutes.

163. The height limit for building 128 but was changed to 255, but height limit can be increased.

164. Chests can be accessed through lava/water.

165. The most useless block in minecraft is the sponge.

166. Pressing ctrl can be like the better sprint mod.

167. Pressing ctrl while flying makes you fly faster.

168. All leaves except for the jungle leaves have a 5% chance of dropping a sapling.

169. Jungle leaves have a 2.5% chance of dropping apples.

170. Lapis Lazuli ores drop 4-8 lapis.

171. It takes 3 water bottles to fill a empty cauldron.

172. Lava buckets will melt 100 bocks in a furnace.

173. Slime's health is 16.

174. 3 fire charges are shot by a blaze

175. Wither's are immune to bow shots when it's at 50% of health.

176. When pausing the game agro endermen will still shake.

177. Creeper can ignite TNT when exploded.

178. Golden pickaxes break cobblestone and stone faster than diamond but have less durability.

179. There was a quiver item that was never introduced in the game.

180. Arthropods are creepers, spiders, silverfish, basically hostile mobs that are not undead.

181. Lava don't burn chests.

182. You can't drown in lava.

183. When lava is placed on the ground it travels three blocks but when placed 1 block higher it travels 4.

184. In the nether, lava travels seven blocks.

185. Lava can partially prevent fall damage.

186. You can name untamed animals with a name tag.

187. TNT will take 4 seconds to explode.

188. Creepers take a little longer to explode when in cob webs.

189. Pistons can push minecart rails.

190. Fire will never run out on netherrack even when rain is pouring.

191. You can hop by boat to boat.

192. A minecart will break when a shot by a fully charged arrow shot.

193. Redstone can still work and go through half slabs.

194. Redstone can change the current of water.

195. Light does not pass through stair blocks.

196. You can break dirt faster with a efficiency 4 shovel than breaking dirt in creative.

197. You can place paintings on iron bars and wooden fences.

198. Poisonous potatoes cannot be baked or be cleaned.

199. Potatoes only give you half of food.

200. The gear block was hacked into the inventory and got leaked causing it never to be released in year of 2010.

201. Crafting was first implemented into minecraft.

202. In minecraft classic raining was introduced before it was really implemented in the game.

203. In beta, clay blocks were more rarer than diamonds due to a glitch.

204. There are 24 minecraft songs in Alpha.

205. There are 30 minecraft songs in Beta.

206. There can only be 15 letters or numbers or any type of some sort can be on each row of a sign, that includes spaces.

207. The thorns enchantment can have level III, and has less than 1% of getting it.

208. When sand or gravel is falling on cobweb it turns into a entiny and when it reaches the bottom it breaks and drops itself.

209. Starter chests have a 1.257 chance of having a diamond in it.

210. Blocking with a sword can prevent a bit of damage.

211. Zombie villagers can be cured when effected by weakness and given a golden apple.

212. Steve is about 5 foot 8.

213. Horses grow when fed apples.

214. Slimes no longer walk in a straight line.

215. You can't break blocks using a sword.

216. Monster dungeon chests have a 1.123 chance of having a tier 1 golden apple.

217. Only oak saplings can be planted side by side.

218. You can send boats and minecarts to the nether.

219. You can't place pumpkins on sides of block.

220. Zombies only attack villagers.


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10/06/2014 8:12 pm
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Fact 40 is wrong. It's how long the tail is, not how up/down :3
Awesome blog
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It's probably outdated. kthxn
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Holy, was this ever popreeled?
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Maybe i'll get back on this post on the nearby future. I didn't knew some of them either! :p
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awesome post
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Blog discontinued.
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i know that milk cures ya from potions
but great blog!
It must've took you a long time for 220
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Thanks for updating the old ones and adding new ones!
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