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Extreme Object Island Episode 7: Callback From The First Challenge!

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Chapter |: Borin O’ Breakfast

Bang! Bang! BANG!

“What are you doing!?” Purple Berry asked, “Get me out of here!?”

“Ha!” responded TV, “No way! You will be trapped here until I feel like I will release you! Wahahahahaha!”

“No!” yelled Purple Berry, “NO!”

Then, light blue gas filled in Purple Berry’s chamber and Purple Berry started coughing. Coughing and coughing until she fell unconscious.

A week later, the contestants wake up with gloomy and tired feelings and go to the lunchroom. There, they get their gross meal and they sit at their tables.

On one table with Fidget Spinner and Latte, Fidget Spinner said, “So um, do you wanna train today later?”

“Sure!” Latte responded, “Always want to help!”

“Thanks,” said Fidget Spinner.

On another table, with Cheeseburger and Milkshake, Milkshake saw Cheeseburger, horrified to see him, and said, “Wow! You look sick!”

“Yeah,” Cheeseburger said, “I have stopped eating for awhile.”

“Maybe you should eat something,” said Milkshake.

“No way!” Cheeseburger responded, “I don’t want to feel dumb or fail a challenge! I am feeling better now! I promise!”

“Well…Okay,” Milkshake responded reluctantly.

On the last table with Cheese Orb and Paint Bucket, Cheese Orb sighs and says to Paint Bucket, “I now see your point. Losing a friend is tough to digest.”

.... . .-.. .--. / -- .” Paint Bucket responded.

“Yeah,” said Cheese Orb unknowingly.

Then on the speakers, TV said, “Contestants up for elimination, please report to the elimination area.”

The contestants, knowing that they will burn if they disobey, run to the elimination area quickly as they can.

Chapter ||: A TIE!

When the contestants got to the elimination area, TV sighed and said, “Welp, we got no votes...again. Anyways, Cheeseburger, go to the voting booth to vote now so yeah.”

In Cheeseburger’s confession, he states, “I feel like Latte has an advantage at the show because of her skills. So, I’m voting for her.”

In Cheese Orb’s confession, they said, “I think Latte should go. She’s too good and might win the show.”

In Latte’s confession, she says, “Sorry, but I think Paint Bucket should go. He didn’t do anything!”

And lastly in Paint Bucket’s confession, he said, “- .... .. ... / .. ... / .--. .- .. -. - / -... ..- -.-. -.- . - / .... . .-. . .-.-.- / .. / .-- .- ... / .- / ... -.-. .. . -. - .. ... - / .-- .... --- / -.. ..- .-. .. -. --. / .- -. / . -..- .--. . .-. .. -- . -. - --..-- / .- -. / .- -.-. -.-. .. -.. . -. - / .... .- .--. .--. . -. . -.. / .- -. -.. / -. --- .-- --..-- / .. .----. -- / .- / -.. ..- -- -... / --- -... .--- . -.-. - / .-- .... --- / -. --- / --- -. . / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -.. ... .-.-.- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . --..-- / -.. . -.-. --- -.. . / -- -.-- / -- . ... ... .- --. . .-.-.- / -.. . -.-. --- -.. . / .. - .-.-.- / -.. . -.-. --- -.. . / .. - -.-.--”

After the votes were counted, TV said, “So, everyone! I have something to say. We have a tie!”

Everyone gasped.

“That’s right!” TV said, “Both Latte and Paint Bucket got TWO VOTES! So, to break this tie, we’re going to have a tiebreaker! In this tiebreaker, both Latte and Paint Bucket will be on thin ropes. The one who falls into the crack will be eliminated! Now Reggie,” Reggie appears from out of nowhere, “Create the area!”

Reggie aims at Latte and Paint Bucket and shoots. Then, the podium underneath Latte and Paint Bucket turned into thin ropes and underneath that was a crack to the place where TV is.

The two weren’t prepared for the sudden tiebreaker and were struggling at first. But then, Latte got hold of the rope and stayed on it without any struggle while Paint Bucket didn’t. Then, Paint Bucket fell off his rope and started falling in the crack screaming in fear.

Then, the rope and crack disappeared after Paint Bucket fell.

“Good job, Latte,” said TV, “You have won the tiebreaker while Paint Bucket didn’t. Now anyways, now get the others to the volcano OR ELSE YOU’LL BURN!!!”

The contestants ran back to the lunch room in fear while trying to find Fidget Spinner and Milkshake.

Chapter |||: Rock Climbing!

When everyone got to the volcano, TV with Reggie next to him said, “Welcome contestants to the next contest! Now, in this challenge, you will have to climb the volcano to the top. The last one who managed to climb up the volcano will be eliminated!”

Everyone gasped.

“Wait,” Fidget Spinner said, “I thought we’ll have an elimination to determine who goes or not?”

“Yeah,” said TV, “But now that you are in the final five, that means the rules will change. You see, whoever is the one who fails the challenge will be eliminated. Now anyways, GO!”

Fidget Spinner looked at Latte. Then, she said, “You’re about to grab out pickaxe and instantly make us win the challenge, right?”

“Yep,” Latte said before grabbing out her pickaxe.

“Nice,” Fidget Spinner said before Latte grabbed her arm and started climbing the volcano with the pickaxe.

“Okay, so this is going to be easy,” Cheese Orb said, “All that I have to do is fly to the top of the volcano and I win!”

Then on the speakers, TV said, “Also Cheese Orb, I will be removing your powers for this challenge right now.”

“Wait what!?” Cheese Orb responded in shock. Then, Cheese Orb transforms back into their appearance in Episode 3, “What!? I had advantages for Episode 1, 2, and 4! Why don’t I have them in this challenge!?”

“Well, I didn’t realize your advantage before those challenges and now that I’m much more careful, I realized the advantage and transformed you into the form that I made for you in Episode 3!”

“Grrrrrrrr,” Cheese Orb said before sighing, “Well, I guess I have to go run to the top myself.”

Then seconds later, TV announces, “Well, looks like that Fidget Spinner and Latte have finished the challenge! They are now safe!”

After Fidget Spinner and Latte won, Cheeseburger said to Milkshake, “Welp, they won the challenge, like always.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it!” Milkshake responded, “We can win this challenge!”

“Yeah,” Cheeseburger said.

Then, Milkshake started running towards the volcano.

“Hey!” Cheeseburger said, “Where are you going?”

He starts running up the hill while Milkshake becomes more distant away from him. He started becoming tired and sweating. Then, he fell unconscious. Milkshake looked back at Cheeseburger.

“Go!” Cheeseburger said, “Go on without me!”

Milkshake started thinking before deciding to go. After a few minutes, she finally got to the top.

“Milkshake has finished the challenge! She is now safe while Cheeseburger and Cheese Orb aren’t, who ironically both have cheese in them. Let's see who wins.”

Cheese Orb, who’s been climbing up the volcano for a few minutes, says to themself, “Well boy, this is one hard challenge.”

Then, he looked to the right to see the tired and weak Cheeseburger next to them.

“Oh hey,” Cheese Orb said, “So, how do you feel?”

“I’m...Okay,” Cheeseburger said, tired.

“Well, okay,” responded Cheese Orb, “Anyways, I’m going to go to the top of the volcano to win the challenge right now, so yeah. Anyways, cya!”

Cheeseburger reacted instantly, surprise and anger filled in them. Then, Cheeseburger got up and kicked Cheese Orb’s leg, causing them to trip and fall back down to the ground.

“I will not feel the pain that Ninja Star felt!” Cheeseburger said before running up to the top of the volcano.

Cheese Orb, who didn’t process the information yet, yelled, “What!?”

Then, Cheeseburger got to the top of the volcano and TV announced, “So, Cheeseburger is the last one safe while Cheese Orb isn’t! So, that means that Cheese Orb is eliminated!”

“What!?” Cheese Orb yelled, “No, NO! Please, don’t do this to me! Please!”

Then, Reggie falls from the sky and aims at Cheese Orb.

“No no no, N-NO!!” Cheese Orb yelled before being teleported to the elimination place.

“Now, anyways,” TV announces on the speakers, “Fidget Spinner, Cheeseburger, Milkshake, and Latte, you all are now in the final four! Let’s see what will happen and who will become the winner of Extreme Object Island!”

Chapter |V: Ending

A few seconds after the challenge ends, Cheese Orb opens their eyes and sees various tubes, many with the monsters from the last episode. Then, Cheese Orb noticed Paint Bucket in one tube tied up with rope around his hands.

Paint Bucket, who now had the ability to speak after hitting his head on the concrete floor, yelled out to Cheese Orb, “PLEASE, HELP ME!?”

Then, TV entered the room. “Look who it is?” he asked.

“What are you doing to them, TV,” Cheese Orb asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that!” responded TV, “I’m just making them better!”

“Don’t you see what you’re doing to Purple Berry!?” Cheese Orb asked, “She’s now an eight eyes and legs monster!”

TV sighed, “You see, you will be like them. And now, you’re all set to be ready!”

“No, NO!!” yelled Cheese Orb before trying to run. Then, TV grabbed a bat and knocked out Cheese Orb.

Hours later, TV said to both Cheese Orb and Paint Bucket, “Welcome back you two! Hope you like your new appearance.”

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