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Level 34 : Artisan Turtle
Here I will show you mods that I really recommend
Why 1.12.2.?
Because I used the version a lot and it was a popular version for good mods


1. MrCryfish's Furniture Mod - it gives you tons of furniture that has interesting functions
sadly the newest version(1.16.3 as I last checked) was really cutted: No bathroom or even garden stuff

2. CustomNPC by Noppes - Create your own NPC, you can make a quest map or even compans,
Firstly it contained even weapons and armor stuff, but it got splitted to 2 mods(varried commodies or how it's called)

3. Forestry - Bees, Trees and amazing tools, you can get awesome decoration blocks(honey combs). Yhis mod has also addons like MagicBees. Don't forget about 2 new Villager roles!

4. Mo'creatures by DrZhark - it gives you creatures, mobs f..e Lions and stuff
Info: one of his models, the horse Model got featured in the original game

5. Cyclic - tons of useful stuff like board, spikes, sliders to make moving stairs, scythes for cutting grass, wheat or even leaves and more. It also has new Villager Roles.

It's all for now,
Feel free to show your opinions about the mods
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