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Faction Life #Events

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avatar DaniiGray
Level 11 : Journeyman Artist
How to win an Event you ask? Well you may not have asked but that is okay cause I am gonna explain anyways and you will either deal with it and read or not. It is your choice.

  Type of Events and how to master: Aka The Dani way

 1) King Of The Hill (KOTH)
 So there are multiple ways to beat certain games but I am mean I have a style I like and that is what I go for. So here is my story on beating king of the hill..

   It was a dark stormy day.. Lightning every-wheres pvp players around and at large. The event was KOTH. You show up with nothing and leave with everything. I start with going for the chests, hope to get some sort of sword or crazy knockback stick. Then from there get to the top collect items hop away and store them into my e-chest. After that I just chill at the bottom collecting items from the dead pvpers who where at the top. Easy Peasy.

 2) Maze Runner
  So this one is trickier and there is no way to really get to the point the fastest but you can survive with tactics.

   So what I like to do is know my surrounding area. What I was doing is going around a check point and figureing out the way around the area to make sure I will not get lost. Then when I see a player I will go behind a corner and attack them all stealthy like. Trying to find the coords is the trickiest part. I still haven't done that yet.. soo.. good luck!

                                                                                                                                                                   Do not trust sanchez -DaniiGray

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