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Factions - Are They Dying? - What About An Old Style Factions Server?

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avatar yewtree8_
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My name is Mat, i have been playing minecraft since beta 1.4 and have always been a constant player, i spent a lot of time on multiplayer from 1.7 beta + and i always loved faction servers, i remember my first, it was called heaven and hell, i loved it, it was non OP, everyone was in iron and you voted every day to get iron for armour as diamonds were only purchasable by the shop, there was a great community and there were NO enchants because it was so early. 

This is when i started to fall in love with factions, it was great, i played every day, tnt was not allowed, which meant to keep your pride you had to go out there and fight, and pretty much everyone was fair because not many people were donors, you fought in iron, the people who were good at PvP were the people who did well. 

But of course all good things have to come to an end and i started playing on a server called Novscraft. I made quite a name for myself and was on forums and was quite well respected and was in fact the first server i donated for, i played this server around mid 2011- mid 2012 when i got banned, for hacking, i was not hacking for the record and when i got unbanned 6 months later it was weird, modern minecraft had taken over. before there was no mobs so enchants were hard to ccome by and again diamonds were scarse, you donated every day for 1 diamond. but it had all turned custom coded and all flashy, and all the older players remembered me and it was quite nice, but i couldn't get used to it.

ONE thing that made Novscraft my all time favourite server is that you had the command /whois this got a players co ordinates so you could ALWAYS raid, this is when i made my own factions server.


It was called ZeusCraft and was identical to the old NovsCraft and ended up with a community of around 50 players on a night, now that is big, that was in 2 months WITHOUT planetminecraft's help, i had friends that told friends and there was this huge raiding non OP community with enchants DISABLED and only if you got the Lord donor rank (80$) you could have a kit once every week that would give you protection 2 diamond armour and sharpness 2 sword, people seemed this to be fair and everything was going great.

But then my server hosting companies HDD on my server node went corrupt, everything was gone, and i was left with an angry community that didn't really come back after 2 weeks downtime, there were around 10 people on a night after i rebuilt the map and everything, but i was new to server hosting so i NEVER made a backup, dumb move on my part. But nevertheless the server was down that month as i had lost faith in it, i was left with around 150$ donor money i had never used, and to this day i can't remember what the hell i used it for.

But the main topic is that is factions dying? is Minecraft dying? I am currently playing on a modern factions server and with my factions experience i pretty much rule the server now after 2 weeks, I know most things about factions but i think the newer updates have just gone a bit over complicated with new commands like /f f  instead of /f who | but i am thinking of making another no enchants co ordinate getting server that is running on an old version of factions like 1.8 that uses old commands, this is just a suggestion, i will be posting updates IF people seem to like it, leave a diamond if you did, because i don't know what people think. anyways guys. thanks for reading, my name is Mat and i will see you later.



Entry 2

So i decided to start up my own factions server, no enchanting, no obsdidian, rare tnt, low economy, and no flashy stuff, with an old version of factions installed, everyone starts with 10 power and faction tags are enabled, EVERYONE has LWC and in faction greifing is strictly prohibited, this makes it so new people can join factions without being feared. to raid you lockpick, check my submissions for details, the server link will be there, just an update, and if you are reading this, join! and recieve $10 in game money for your efforts (that's a good amount) 

- Thanks 

- Mat

03/14/2014 8:18 pm
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In my opinion, based off of seeing how recently updated minecraft factions servers are going, they're not getting as many players as they used to.

And btw having 10 people on your server a night is excellent, nothing to be dissapointed or sad about. I mean, not to advertise, but my server rarely gets 2 people a night, and I've been running the server and advertising it (kinda nonstop) for 5 months straight. Heck, if I had 10 people on my server a night, I'd be jumping for joy XD

...back on topic though, I do believe that factions are less popular then they once were, but I doubt it'd ever die out.

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