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Factions: the Perfect Faction [Defending]

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avatar WesleytJ
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Well, let me first introduce this topic.

I played with 9 friends on a Faction Server, named Obsicraft. But then, the server stopped.
We made in a year a very big castle, traps etc. We won nearly every fight.

I learnt very much and I want to share this with you. With much tips.

Your Castle:

Well, let's start with Defending. Our final castle was about 50x50x15.
We got 3 Castles, because we can change sometimes.

I explain the last one and the previous one because this are our best castles.

Previous one:
Well, we made our walls out of Stone Brick. Then space between it, and then another wall of stone brick, so you can walk between it. On every corner we got towers. [Duhh] You can easily walk to the other one. Later, we made 2x2 space with automatic Minecarts. It was very easy to drive from tower to tower.

As defending, we placed cacti all arround the castle, with water. They have to make a TNT cannon, to avoid the cacti. They can't blow up it with a creeper, due of the water.

But yes.. We've got Ender Pearls.. Once a day, we got attacked by so much people.. I think around the 25 [3 Ally Factions] and the all threw Ender Pearls.. Nearly all got armor and got killed. Some guys shoot the walls with tnt canon.

After this, we started our castle, our last one. Undestroyable.

Our Last Castle

We walked to an open spot at grasslands. We build our Castle. It was very good.. Let me explain.
Our outside wall was stonebrick, then behind it a layer of Obisidian en then again Stone Brick. So, in our castle u see stone brick and outside too, but there is Obi inside. [I've you don't wanna get so much Obi, place gravity blocks like sand or gravel] When the walls is shot, this falls down and block their way again]
They can't blow up our walls but not the Obisidian. [See photo 1 how we it looks]
Around our Castle we placed Cacti again so it looks like our previous one.

Our roof was made out of Obi too, with lava on top of it. When they throw, the throw in the lava.

If was a massive block of obi, so we are save inside.
Set /f home inside and our /home in the forest near our castle outside, so we can easily attack them from behind.

And this tactic works. They tried to shoot the wall with TNT. They shot, just destroyed the Brick and the saw Obisidian. And then.. we raped them. Very useful, cause nobody can get inside and destroy our castle. [See photo 2 what happend]

However, if a faction is Neutral to you, they can set their home inside our castle. NEVER TELEPORT ANYBODY inside your one castle. This happend 1 time. We fixed this with making a cage around him, so he was stuck.

Hope this defending part helped u with defending your one castles.


Always make traps outside our castle.
A very useful one is, that you place a door. The first and second blocks is actually a trap. If you stand on it, and they use a lever, you fall down. Never stay right before a entrance.

And the cacti, I think we killed 2 á 3 people with it. Very useful, if you strike somebody from the tower, landing on it.
With low health, It can kill you easily. Only bad thing is that it destroys nearly all items.

--Update Coming Soon--
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