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(Fake) Interview With Mr. Creeper

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Thanks for the views and diamonds, everybody! I really appreciate the support! If you want me to interview other MC mobs, or anything like that, drop a hint in the comments, I'm not a psychic! Also, I fixed the formatting so it's easier for y'all to read :D

KM:Hey folks, KM555 here with an exclusive interview with with a real, green, explosive creeper! How are ya, Mr Creeper?
MC: Fantastic, Kirb.
KM: Glad to hear it. So, can you tell us a bit about your early childhood?
MC: I was spawned in a small cave, near an iron deposit. It was pretty dark, the light level was less than 7, I remember that. A skeleton named Joe showed me the ropes of cave survival before he bit the dust-- stupid oaf stumbled off the edge of a ravine, plummeted to his death.
KM: That's awful! I had a wolf named Sparky that was killed by a spider. I never forgot him. On a lighter note, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
MC: Well, I'm a creeper. My flesh is camouflaged like grass for a purpose. I can easily blend in to sneak attack unsuspecting miners. It's pretty hard, because I need to be within a single block of the player. I give them a fair chance to escape, though: I hiss for a second and a half exactly before exploding. My brother was killed by an evil skeleton's arrow, and dropped a music disk, which happens to all creepers.
KM: I feel your loss. Tell me, what's all the buzz about your difficulty about?
MC: Creepers have a tendency to explode, as I said before. Our explosion is 25% less effective than a TNT blast, but it's still enough to kill at close enough range.
KM: Fascinating! I heard about a creeper with a magical aura. Can you explain it?
MC: Of course! When a creeper is hit by lightning, it glows with a blue aura. These creepers are called "charged creepers".
KM: May I input that the ID number for a charged creeper is different from a regular creeper, but it is undiscovered at this point.
MC: Right you are, Kirby. Anywho, the blast from a charged creeper is 50% more powerful than a TNT blast; twice that of a regular creeper's.
KM: I never wanna see one of those!
MC: Don't worry, it's a very rare occurrence.
KM: Glad to hear it! Can you tell us some things about yourself that most people won't know?
MC: Yes. The creeper is the only mob a wolf will not attack, as we would kill them instantly. We can't see through glass, and our scientific name is Creepus Explodus, as seen on an official MineCraft T-shirt.
KM: Amazing! Well, that's all the time we have for today! I hope our audience enjoyed this fictitious interview with a creeper, and learned a little something. OK, Bob, you can take off the creeper outfit now.
Bob: Kirby, I was in the melon farm.
KM: Wait, if you're not the creeper, then... who... is... I want my mommy.*BOOM!*

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05/31/2019 3:13 pm
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Do a interview on a pig next
10/15/2018 9:35 am
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pretty good!
09/10/2018 10:28 am
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11/12/2017 5:14 am
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LucarioClaw's Avatar
Love the end XD
09/18/2017 8:07 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
raisa's Avatar
very funny, love it
09/11/2017 6:06 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
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09/10/2017 8:32 pm
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IndyJacksonTT's Avatar
Why are you level 38 and still have the steve head?
02/10/2018 7:43 am
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04/01/2017 4:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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Very funneh
11/12/2016 3:28 pm
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