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Fast tour of my town, Costa Azul, on the Lilac MC Minecraft server

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markaus77 avatar markaus77
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner

This is a very quick, sped-up tour of my town, Costa Azul (Blue Coast), on the LilacMC Minecraft server. The video starts off in my small house, and then you can see the stable for horses, an area for trying to generate bees nests, toolatei1's cool tower and church-like buildings, madhiggs' castle/fortified city project, keaton's small temporary house, xIronGol3m's house, mystery250's fishing area, etc. You can also see a mob grinder, spider farm, blaze, farm, underground village, underground livestock area, underground farm, sugarcane farm, axolotl aquarium, enchanting area, nether portal, etc. This town is a work in progress, but it has a lot of neat things already. Let me know if you want to visit or join the town, and check out the LilacMC server!

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