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Favouritism (in the Least Controversial way Possible)

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Favouritism: (n) the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.

Okay, the last blog I posted was for fun, and just for the lolz.  I was just in a fun mood but having just woken up, I don't really find things fun anymore, so I'm wiritng this.  If you want, you could call this "Unfair Fame II" but since this has completely different meaning, I'm positing it seperately.

Le Inspiration

So I do have some inspiration from real life to chug this blog along.  Favouritism is just a part of life.  We all experience it in some way, shape, or form.  Sometimes, it is understandable and other times we declare complete and utter bull.  Sometimes we act to it passively and hope that it ends, or other times we try and stand up for it.  Sometimes, things might only have a faint amount of favouritism and others, you might as well have Buzz Lightyear showing it all to you.

So only recently have I actually discovered the adverse effects of extreme favouritism.  Although, with some of the things I do from day to day life, I might be favoured over others, and I find that a bit depressing when it happens a lot, so I might step down to let someone else have the favour.  But what has happened recently has put me in the bottom of the chain.  There is a "thing" in my real life which occurs annually, and many people get the opportunities.  I have been trying for this "thing" for years, but it's always others who get it.  This doesn't bother me, as they probably worked their way to, and deserved this "thing" more than me (although for self-esteem's sake, I think I deserve it too).  There is this one person, however, who is worthy of this "thing" but get's it every single time (not an overstatement) because, well, I think even if it isn't myself, someone else could have deserved it that year, but this person is chosen every year because of favouritism, and they fear of potentially "upsetting" this person.

So that is a brief overview.  This person gets the "thing" every year because of favouritism, although in my eyes, people other than myself often deserve it more than him.  I hope this hasn't been too confusing.  It has upset me how I try and try again for this "thing" (which many people get every year) but I never get it.  I try so hard, every day of the year to get it but that one person dominates it every time!

Now finally, in general, I think this person is deffinitely deserving and worthy of the "thing" every time he gets it, but as before, I think some others could have done better.  The people who give "the thing" have gotten themself in a loophole, because his experience is from getting "the thing" every year.  This means they have to give it to him every year because he will outrank others, but still, some far elite than him nominate for "the thing" but don't get it because it's a tradition to give it to him.

From a Minecraft Perspective

Now that I have finished my butthurt rambling, let's get this show on the road.  So I think the first  place to start would be on your average Minecraft Server.  What could some favouritised things be?  Let's see: Trusted Membership, Staff, Contest Winnings.  Now I will focus on these three things while talking about favouritism on the servers.

Some servers give away Trusted Memberships.  These may be instead of, or alongside Donor Ranks (which people shouldn't be getting now anyway).  Now, they are going to put the favouritism on the donors (who shouldn't be getting ranks for what they do).  I see the reason, as they have donated money to keep the server running, but what about the people who play on the server so much, go out of their way to get banned on other servers for advertising, give some of the best suggestions for the server and have been a real help to the community.  Some server owners would happily give them this, but others would give the Trusted Membership to the guy who trolls people and griefs, but donated 2 cents to the server.

It was pretty obvious I was going to talk about staff ranks, right?  Well most server owners would give staff to applicants who follow the rules, help others out and are active.  These are the perfect reasons to choose staff over griefers who come on for 2 hours a month.  But what if these griefer has donated like $50 to the server?  Now after some discussion with the staff, the server is all sponged and filled with lava!  Thank's for choosing the money-waster over the next-big-thing for your server.

Now let's just say that the server hosts for example, a build competition.  There is Johnny, a normal member, great at building.  There is Freddy, a donor that is kinda good at building.  There is Bobby, a Senior Moderation that's crap at building.  It's pretty obvious why Bobby got first and Johnny got last, isn't it.

Now you see how people favour others over reasons that they shouldn't.  A build contest should be judged by the quality of the build, not the person who built it.  If they want to give little Matty the prize because they don't want to upset him, the amazingly performing people who entered would be so pissed!

If I went into favouritism with PMC, the mods would probably ban me, with possibly some favouritism itself, but I'll let you see for youself.  Let me hear from you.  What do you think about Minecraft's Favouritism situation?

Take a Stand!

You do not need to put up with unfair favouritism!  Yes, favouritism is a part of life but when it gets to the point beyond reason, that's when you should take a stand.

It's only natural for some people to think you are complaining when you are discussing this issue with them.  Firstly, you can't whinge when you go up and talk to the staff member, you have to sound controlled and serious.  Don't say things like "Johnny got staff because he donated and I did a good job!  That's not fair!  You should demote him!"  Posssibly say something like: "Hi, I want to congratulate Johnny for recieving that staff position.  I do not feel comfortable myself with him recieving it however, due to the behaviour he has exhibited on the server.  I realise he has donated to the server but his attitude already to players is poor."  Still, they might see you as complaining, but at least you are giving some civil feedback to the staff, and maybe warn them of their consequences.

Now if you go up to the owner, say something reasonable and calm and no matter how much you tell them that they are leaving people in the shaddows, they keep calling you a rude complainer, they probably do not give two damns about favouritism.  These people are silently melting the hopes and dreams of many Minecrafters, and other people in real life for that matter.  Ironically, some people think that favouritism is good because it can really help the server.  This could be a matter of trust but the way people take it is that the less-quality people get the big things for small reasons.  If these people don't care that they prefer donating griefers over mature, active non-donors, well their consequences will soon pay off.


04/10/2015 5:36 am
Level 76 : Legendary Robot
Good thing avoiding PMC favouritism. I've watched that fight before, it's depressingly one sided. But hey, good on you for poking at topics nobody else would dare touch.

As a community moderator myself I know a fair amount about favouritism, it's basically unavoidable, if you have friends in a community, you're going to back them up in a situation, whether you mean to or not.

Though I will say one thing, the most common advice here on how to get your work noticed is to make friends in chat. Not improve the quality of your work, but make friends (preferably powerful ones) who will favour it. Says it all really.
04/10/2015 6:59 am
Level 46 : Master Princess
Thanks!  I always try to go "out there" and take some risks with my blogs, and I have learnt with trial and error what is allowed, and what isn't.  If you've read my "Right to Voice Your Own Opinion" blog, you will realise how picky PMC gets when you try to argue with the moderator's fairness.
04/09/2015 8:11 pm
Level 28 : Expert Artist
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