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Fear of The Shears

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avatar Foxtails13
Level 19 : Journeyman Engineer
Fear of The Shears (to be read slowly with a sort of blues feel)

Snow Golem: He's, coming at me,
with, some shears.
I, would defend, with, snowballs
but I'm coded to not.

Oh, Steve,
why, must we do this,
for, there is no gain.

Why waste your time,
on two ingots,
whislt I rot away?

This is not the,
to all your problems.
I can help you, just, no shears.

There is, a better solution,
You, could use dispensers,
and we would be friends,
giving a blocky hand, here and there.

Oh, how much fun, it could be.
SIt inside, whilst the snow falls down at night.
Caroling Craftmas songs,
along, to C418.

It would be great, together
chopping down, a mega spruce even
lighting, it up with glowstone,
and torches of red.

Oh, please, Steve,
give us, one last chance as friends,
it could be great.
Get rid of our solitude
And celebrate together,
a Craftmas gift?
Just, no shears.

Steve: One last chance.

Snow Golem: Thank you.

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