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Features People Have Probably Forgotten About Minecraft #2

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You Can Color Sign Text With Dye (i completely forgot about this until cats say meow told me), The Villager Is 1.95 Blocks Tall And The Player Is Only 1.8 Blocks Tall And The Baby Villager Is 0.975 Blocks Tall, In Early 1.14 Snapshots Illusioners Could Spawn In Raids And If They Killed All The Villagers Or If All Of The Beds Were Destroyed The Illusioners Would Celebrate Their Victory By Hopping Up And Down, The Killer Bunny Is A Reference To Monty Python And The Holy Grail And They Used To Be Able To Spawn Naturally, The Killer Bunny Used To Have Blood On It's Texture, The Health Boost Effect Can Only Be Given To The Player By The Use Of Commands This Effect Would Increase Your Max Health, The Elder Guardian Ghost Entity From The Bedrock Edition Was Removed And Was Added In beta And If Spawned Outside Of Water Would Float Up Until It Disappeared, There Used To Be A Baby Trader Llama.

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01/18/2021 2:14 pm
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