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FIFA 19 Review

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FIFA International Soccer has taken the gaming world by storm. This football simulation video game series, developed by EA Sports, was first released in 1993 and is being updated every year. The game has sold an astronomical 250+ million copies in all formats throughout the world and its popularity can be gauged by the fact that it counts people exhibiting general disdain for gaming among its followers.

FIFA is largely synonymous with the video game that licenses its name, rather than the governing body of international football. The popularity of the FIFA series extends far beyond the realm of football, with more than 200 million matches taking place on any given Sunday in living rooms and bedrooms spread across the world.

FIFA 19 is the latest version of the renowned FIFA game. It acts as a platform to experience the world’s prestigious club competitions, the legendary UEFA Champions League and even the world cup of football. It is an occasion to witness the best players building their teams and honing their strategies. The game provides an authentic rendering of a virtual match experience, although it condenses the rhythm of a football match into 10 minutes unlike the conventional 90-minute format. The players look better than ever, with miniscule details such as sweat on a player’s forehead and the rustle of shirt sleeves on a windy day adding to the playing atmosphere. There is also an obsessive focus on data analytics. FIFA 19 renders the latest international fixtures accessible, replete with details sucked into the game through the internet, thanks to the abundance of VPS plans.

FIFA 19 is more fluid than its predecessors. The game flows better than previous versions. It bestows a feeling of control rather than passive observation of an AI-enabled match. The players generally move at a realistic speed. New animations keep the players in control of the ball, first-touch system retains the momentum and the ball moves about the pitch in a less pre-determined manner. Passing is the bread and butter of a football match. The ball moves rapidly on the ground in FIFA 19, coupled with quick passing, exotic flicks and power-packed overhead kicks.

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode of FIFA 19. It has a compelling appeal: building a team after tremendous hard work and deploying the team online to beat the other players. But the ultimate team concept is problematic, given the prevalence of loot boxes, pay-to-win offers and child gambling concerns. Nevertheless, the Ultimate Team is the largest money spinner for FIFA till date. FIFA 19 has some legacy issues as well. Player switching remains a grey area, defenders continue to have the disgusting habit of taking flight from the ball when least expected and the occasional input command buffering sees you blasting a shot from weird angles.

At the end of the day, FIFA 19 is a video game par excellence. It is streets ahead of its predecessors and competitors, thanks to its famed pedigree, a plethora of modes and significant game play tweaks.

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