Fight to become a leader ...


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Zombrex Gamer
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In the brotherhood of dragonic ... there was a fight to become the leader between the blue dragon and the pink dragon. Many challenges the dragons absolved and at the end, the pink dragon wins! But the blue Dragon is the one with more experiences and knows how to lead the Brotherhood best. In the other site of this Story, the Pink Dragon won every challenges and was the best in fight. Know its time to vote guys,
Who should become the leader of this year,

The pink Dragon, who is the best example in fight or,

The Blue Dragon, who has the most experiences to lead the brotherhood of Dragonic?

Write your opinion in a comment below.

Zombrex Gamer <3
Tags:Comic, Leader, Brotherhood, Pink, Blue, Dragon, Fight, Experiences

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I think the Blue Dragon, it should be the leader, I guess so :P
I will upload a pic from the blue dragon and the pink Dragon as soon as possible. Plz admit this👍

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