Filthy Stinking Dirt! and head in the clouds.

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Ok, first off. I'm working on my first tutorial!!!!!

Yah, there is another member who shall remain nameless for now.. lol nameless. anyways, I'm a bit out of my mind at the moment so bare with me.

Well he wanted to build on a cloud platform, but it's not his sim and he's having trouble disconcerting on how to build one of my cloud platforms. So yah, I'm making a tutorial on how to build a 21 diameter cloud platform.

The size of the platform isn't the size of the cloud, it's simply the diameter of the starting circle layer of snow that makes up the base of the cloud. I'm doing it in creative mode but using Tekkit as that will be what their using. However I am building the tutorial as if I was in survival, so I have scaffolding set up. It can be easily duplicated in vanilla minecraft by replacing the scaffolding pillar with wood blocks and ladders. Otherwise it's going to be pretty vanilla build. Hope to have it done in a few days, reason it's taking so long... I'm doing this on a laptop with no extra keyboard or mouse so it's a bit tedious.

In other news, I got bored and built the above house. It has wood floor and ceiling on the inside, even support beams. For the walls, I chose to be a bit noobish and use dirt, this set up works however with any cheap building material. In fact that's all it was meant to be, a cheap affordable noob house that doesn't look like a dirt or wood shack.

Anywho enjoy the veiw.
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