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Final Fantasy VI World of Ruin Map - Day 12 Progress

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Amanda_Branford avatar Amanda_Branford
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
Haven't posted in a few days, but progress has continued. I'm getting a bit close to finishing the Figaro continent. A lot of the work over the last few days has been focused on tearing down the nearby hills, forests, and village in order to flatten the land and clear space. Most of the World of Ruin map is made of water, plains, and desert, so flat land will be used for the majority of it.

I got really tired of manually chopping down trees, so I decided to test how well it would work if I set the trees on fire. Turns out, you can start a really big forest fire pretty easily. Not only does it destroy the forest really quickly, but it looks pretty at the same time.

I ran into a few mistakes with some sections being offset by a block or two. I actually spent about two hours last night just making minor adjustments to try to fit everything together in the correct alignment. It seems to be fixed now, so hopefully I won't run into any more issues. I'm pretty obsessive about trying to make the whole thing as accurate as possible.

I also stumbled across a trader and his llamas who for some reason was stuck in a tiny hole. I don't know how he got in there, but it sure was a funny sight.

Progress: 2619 blocks added, total progress 11090/682,286
Figaro Cave Progress: 57 blocks added, total progress 217/46,805


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