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Final Fantasy VI World of Ruin Map - Day 4 Progress

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avatar Amanda_Branford
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Work continues on the Figaro desert. Most of the central desert is done, with just some bits around the edges to complete.

Since I was low on sand but swimming in cobblestone, I decided to move a bit to the east, and lay out some of the lifeless shoreline (shaded gray on the progress map). This brought me around to where the town of South Figaro should be. Unfortunately, South Figaro on the map only takes up a space five pixels wide by ten pixels high, which with the 1/5 scale of the map means the town takes up only two blocks. So for the time being, I put a sign and some colored blocks to use as a placeholder; once the world map is completed, I'll create more detailed sets for some of the various locations in the game.

Progress: 999 blocks added today, total progress 6413/682,286
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