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Final Fantasy VI World of Ruin Map - Day 7 Progress

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avatar Amanda_Branford
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Not much progress on the world map today, just sculpting some of the Figaro mountains. It's going to take awhile to finish them since they need to be built up to a decent height (I'm not really sure how high I'm going to make the mountains, though it probably won't be too high, since everything is at 1/5 scale).

I spent a little time today digging down into the Figaro Cave. I'm using a map of the cave to track progress, just like with the world map. The cave descends down around 20 or so blocks underground before the main entrance starts. I didn't dig out too much past the main entrance because there was a lot of extra digging around the area, blocking off side passages that I stumbled across, and trying to farm granite for the mountain range up above. But I'm looking forward to making the cave. It'll be a nice change of pace when I get tired of just working on the world map.

Progress: 602 blocks added today, total progress 8471/682,286
Figaro Cave Progress: 160 blocks added today, total progress 160/46,805

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