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Final Fntasy 14 a Realm Reborn Review

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avatar SkyLord_Ethan
Level 14 : Journeyman Taco
FInal fantasy 14 a realm reborn or FF XIV ARR. Is a high detailed roleplaying game. The graphics are amazing, and has a way story, and game play then FInal Fantasty 14. One reason why a i love it is, becuase multiplayer wtich also adds a freind list. It also is allways getting update so you get more, and more content. Yet people thing it is rated 16+ i think it's more 10+, becuase there is basicly no blood or gore, they never swear, and the only drink is ale
witch is not even realy bad. But some people don't get it becuase you have to pay $15 dollars monthly witch I think is totaly worth it. It also has a very detailed, and good story line to it. One thing that makes me happy is charctar custimizion, like diffrernt races, and jobs. One thing that I wish some one would make though is a Final Fntasy 14 themed server :3
CreditFinal FanTasy 14 a Realm reborn
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