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Finding The Inspiration

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avatar Nakudan
Level 30 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
Hey guys,

I know that ito s been really long since Io ve written a sensible blog but lately ito s been hard because inspiration is really hard to come by these days. I know for some that this is actually something that a lot of people go through but you see different people have different mediums of getting that inspiration and for those of you who are currently going through something generally like this, I am here to try and help you fight through the rough and find that diamond that could turn everything around for you.

Before I begin, let me tell you a little story. (Click the spoiler to read the story)

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Before I begin, let me just say that I used to get my inspiration from almost everything but mostly from Minecraft related stuff due to being on a Minecraft related fandom website and it yielded a substantial amount of great things like subscribers, favourites, diamonds, the usual thing on PMC and in those earliest days were when I would achieve such. Then in later times, I decided to branch out from my usual Minecraft blog to other things such as graphic design and podcasts and barely leaving me with any time to do any blogging but none the less, I still did. The only problem though was that they wereno t as great as I use to make them. When I used to look at my old blogs they used to get hundreds of views because of it not only being a popular idea nut because of how many people thought it was interesting and ito s like these days I can even consider myself lucky if I get at least 5 views. So I thought to myself o What could it be or what can I do to get my blog popular again?o and all the signs just pointed out to follow what the site is all about. Minecraf. So I attempted to re-initiate my old blogs about Minecraft related stuff but I couldno t because of the one main reason. I cano t play Minecraft anymore. Ever since the 1.6 update, Minecraft has had a new launcher that prevents anyone from playing with a cracked client. I mean before I used to use like shared accounts from my business partners but now there is supposed to be some new email account verification crap so I cano t use their anymore. So I attempted to use a cracked client that actually supports 1.6 and higher like Mineshafter and it still didno t manage to work. So I decided to turn to skinning instead and it was great at the time until some weird incident occurred which prevented me from executing java jar files for some reason so I cano t open stuff like MC Skin Edit which sucks because that was my last medium for Minecraft inspiration and now my mediums for interesting Minecraft stuff is all gone or thato s what I thought. For I forgot my own motto that inspiration comes from everywhere and from this I move to some important tips that may help you out in your times of creativity block.

Tips That Will Help You out When You Got a Creativity Block

1. Inspiration is Everywhere: Guys I know that It may seem tough at with the fact that you cano t seem to find that special something that just seems to be worthy of your blog/project/skin/other but remember, you can get ideas from everywhere such as mods like too many items or maybe even just a basic Creeper once it just ignites that little spark.

2. Find more than one medium: Finding more than one medium of work can really help improve almost everything for you drastically. For example; If youo re a skinner and you need inspiration for a new skin, you can easily just like take a load off skinning for a while, jump into Minecraft, build an awesome project, upload it on PMC and then by that time you might find some new inspiration like a Lightning Creeper Girl or something.

3. Dono t over think it: Most of the time, one major way to get writero s block or any other kind of block is when youo re right in the middle and you begin to brainstorm about other things and you lose your main point so for now stay on your current idea before you onto a different one.

4. Get some R & R: Usually the best way to get inspiration is just relax and forget about it all or what your gonna do next or else youo re gonna stress out yourself and not be able to see the vision properly. So kick back, let the clouds roll by, listen to music do something that relaxes you and your mind will clear up and inspiration will come to you like the 4:30 express train.

5. Go with the community: Usually the community website looks for something specific from the people who post on it. It could be all according to what the general theme of the community is. For example, if youo re on a site like PMC ito s probably best if you go with Minecraft related topics like o Whato s in the new update?o or o A General Minecraft Ranto . You could even go with local gossip in the community like o Paril said Whaaa?o or o Youo ll never guess what popular skinner is doingo but if it gets too hot and some people are offended. Well ito s best to leave forever.

Now remember that almost everyone gets these creative blocks from time to time and it may be hard to get past that block but once you follow this guide you may find it easier to get back on that train of thought and return to uploading on PMC.

If you like the blog then make sure to diamond it, if you love it make sure tofavoriteit, comment on this if you have an opinion that wishes to be heard and subscribe to see what else is up my sleeves.
Anyways, Im Naku and i'll see you guys later.

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