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Firework Madness, my (probably) first submission on realms

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Holazas avatar Holazas
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Hi everyone

Well, I always wanted to make a minecraft map, basically thats why I started playing minecraft, although I never finished any xD, but this time, I finally just finished a map!!!

It is interesting because I thought to make this map as something small and fast, but in the end I needed 4 months to develop it, I thought to upload it in the new year but I got sick and did not finish it.

I know I seem to be digressing but I have never written a blog xD
Anyway, if you are interested in the map or its mechanics, here is the reddit link https://www.reddit.com/r/realms/comments/rz63ng/submission_firework_madness_minigame/

Please support this map with a or comment on reddit, so that mojang will notice and maybe he will be in the next NEW ON REALMS, Id be really grateful :)


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