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First story?! | Wolf Pack, The journey

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Lacunia avatar Lacunia
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DISCLAIMER - This is not actually my first, first book but this was the first book I actually wanted to go somewhere with ig o7

here it is o.o


“Poisenoak come on!”

“Why Stardust!?”


“Look if all you are going to do is stand there then don’t come!”

It was midnight,

We were running through the grass when suddenly a misty shadow emerged. We ran but chased us what it was we were about to find out….

Chapter 1

“If we stay hidden we stay safe, And if we stay hidden the better we are.” Moonshine said.

“But haven’t you ever felt like what is out there could be worth knowing!?” Stardust explained to Moonshine.



“Because it's nonsense!”

“But anything is possible.”

“But you have never even been outside the border!”

“Fine if you are not coming I am going myself.”

“Yeah-Wait what?!”

“I’ll go find Poisenoak and we shall go together!”

“You mean that Wolf from the other tribe?”

“NatureTribe...But yes.”

So later that day:

“Are you sure it is safe?” Poisenoak asked Stardust.

“Are you listening in class All wolves from SpaceTribe can tell the future and if you want to start small lets just go outside the border!” Said Stardust. “Okay let's do that, it will be a good start.” Stardust and Poisenoak were traveling ears perked since both of them had never been outside their borders. But for one moment just a small one Stardust thought that she saw a misty form of a wolf. Stardust looked at the spot again but it was gone. “Did you see that?” Stardust asked poisenoak. “Are you hallucinating again? I say it is about time we headed back to camp so that you can get some Red berries from your

camp's herb stash.” Poisenoak said. “Fine. But come back to meet me here again we shall come with a weeks or two weeks supply of food and also try to find the herb stash and take some berries that can cure rat bites, Food poisoning, and all of that kind of stuff.” Said Stardust. “Why?” Asked Poisenoak. “We are leaving first thing tomorrow morning.” Said Stardust. “TO FIND WHAT?!” Shouted Poisenoak. “You know how about 2 years ago how you said that you saw a misty form of a wolf and i did not believe you?” Asked Stardust. “Erm yes, why?” Asked Poisenoak. “I just saw that so I want to find out what it is, are you up for it?” Asked Stardust. Poisenoak grinned” More than ever!”

So the next day:

“Have you got everything?” Stardust asked. “Yes.” Poisenoak said. “So where will we start looking?” Stardust asked. “YOUR TELLING ME THAT YOU WANTED TO START THIS WITHOUT A PLACE IN MIND TO GO FIRST?!” Poisonoak yelled in Stardust's ear. “You are the smart one, why didn’t you think of a place!” Stardust replied. “Because It was your idea to do this in the first place!” Poisenoak replied. “Fine we can start at Sky peak.” Stardust said, “But that will be a day's journey!” Poisenoak complained. “Which is why we are doing it. The wolf spirit may come and we will have forever to see it her whatever the heck it is!” Stardust replied. “Well let's start going now.” Poisenoak said. “It is almost dark, we should probably rest and then journey to Sky mountain.” Stardust said. “Seems decent to me.” Poisenoak replied. Let's hope that we can find this thing before it finds us. Stardust thought silently to herself.

Chapter 2

“ Wake up sleepy head!” Said a male voice washing over me. “2 more minutes.” I grumbled. “DO YOU WANT TO FIND THE MYSTERY WOLF OR NOT?!” From this it made it clear that Poisenoak was trying to wake me up. “Jeez okay first let's eat breakfast though.” I mumbled. “Fine what do you want Salmon with sweet berries of a salad?” Poisenoak asked me. “I’ll have Salmon with sweet berries please.” I replied. “Here you go.” He said giveing me salmon with berries. “So when do we start searching?” He asked. “Well after breakfast and packing everything up again and collecting some more food I say we start,” Stardust replied. “Ok then i’ll start packing up.” Poisenoak said after finishing his last bite of salad. Soon after Stardust finished poisenoak came back with the bags all packed with the new food and all. “Thanks Poisenoak” Stardust said while putting on her sack. “It was nothing.” Poisenoak said and for a moment Stardust thought she saw Poisenoak blush. I bet that was nothing. Probably from the tomatoes he had earlier.
“Well let's go!” Stardust said, determined to get her mind off of what she thought she had seen. “Okay but we may need some rabbit hide for the cold weather.” Poisenoak said. “I thought our fur would be thick enough.” Stardust said. “While our fur is pretty thick it will only get us through the first part of the mountain. The mountain gets a lot colder higher up and many wolves have died from it… Even the Icetribe wolves and they are meant to survive freezing conditions!” Poisenoak said. “Okay i’ll go catch some rabbits!” Stardust said. When Stardust returned she had enough meat to feed them for a month and enough hide for four coats. “Why did you get so much hide and bring the meat?” Poisenoak asked. “I thought that we could use some extra meat because barely anything survives on the mountain and the things that do are too dangerous because we are only 6 years old and thought that the coats might wear out so we may need extra!” Stardust replied. “That is very clever! Though how did you know what lives on the mountain?” Poisenoak asked. “I told you before every wolf in Spacetribe can see the future and I saw the things we could encounter so I knew we needed more meat and I know from studies that Rabbit hide can wear out. It is just super rare so I only got 2 spare ones.” Stardust said. “Hmm okay let's continue on our journey.” Poisenoak said. What's wrong with him is he mad that I know something he doesn't? Stardust thought. “Well come on slowpoke we gotta go now if we want to make it there by dawn!” Poisenoak said. “I’m coming!” Stardust said. Most of the journey was silent nowolf dare speak. Until Poisenoak broke the silence. “We are almost there. I suggest you put on your coat.” He said. Stardust obeyed and threw the coat on her back and paws and well as her face. Poisenoak did the same. “So what-AHHHHHHHHHHH” Before Poisenoak could finish his sentence he was pulled up into the air and knocked out and before long Stardust found herself in the same condition. “WHO ARE YOU!” Yelled a voice. “I-I’m Stardust from SpaceTribe and we are looking for someone!” Stardust said. “Who are you looking for?” Asked the voice. “A wolf spirit, Kind of misty bluish mist for that matter.” Stardust replied. “Ahh the WaterTribe spirit Mist.” Said the voice. “WHAT?!” Yelled Stardust. “The Tribe spirits were just myths so that pups can make sure to stay inside the tribe and not abandon them!” Stardust said. “No they are real and every tribe has one.” Replied the voice. “So there are more?” Stardust asked. “Yes many.” Replied the voice. “Who are you?” Stardust asked. “You will know when you are ready.” The voice replied. Then Stardust and Poisenoak were let free. “Did you hear that voice?” Stardust asked Poisenoak. “No are you okay? We have red berries for hearing voices or hallucinations.” Poisenoak replied. “It does knock you out and you forget what you heard or saw but it is good for your health.” Poisenoak said. “No thank you Poisenoak, the voice said that I will know when I was ready.” Stardust said. “Okay did the voice tell you anything?” Poisenoak asked. “Yes that the thing we are chasing is the Watertalon spirit.” Stardust replied. “You mean those make believe things?” Poisentalon said trying to look as serious as possible but could not help laughing. “Yeah and if they are real they are super dangerous if they are real so we will have to be careful!” Stardust said. “Okay i’ll take your word for it but seriously? A Watertalon spirit? A spirit at all?” Poisenoak said while laughing making it really hard to comprehend. “Well what I was going to ask you before we got yanked up by a mystery wolf was where are we going to sleep clearly we were knocked out for a while because it is almost dawn and we are only on the bottom of the mountain.” Poisenoak asked. “Well we could build a hole mind you, a very big hole and sleep there it should give us warmth to sleep.” Stardust suggested. “It sounds okay to me.”Poisenoak said. So Stardust and Poisenoak started digging a whole and in 5 min they were ready to sleep, Poisenoak had made some insane invention that would keep them from having a possible cave-in and they slept until they felt nothing could go wrong. Wake up! I need to speak with you, wake up Stardust! Who are you? How can I trust you? You just have to!. Fine.

Stardust awoke almost instantly. To find the Watertalon spirit. “What is your name?”Asked the spirit. “Stardust, what is yours? Well I guess I know it already… Misty.” Stardust replied. ‘Ahh you are one of Galexystars relatives.” Said Misty. “Who?” Asked Stardust confused. “The spacetribe Spirit.” Misty replied simply. “Don’t they teach you anything?” Muttered Misty. “Well no I guess not because in our time the Spirits of the tribes of Legends from or elders!” Stardust said angry and spoke in her defence. “Your elders told you that we were legends HA!” Misty said smirking at the mere thought of that. “Why are you laughing?” Asked Stardust “Hasn’t anyone told you to respect your elders?” She added on. “HA! You make me laugh! We were the settlers of the tribes.” Misty replied still with a smirk on her face. “What I don’t understand… how?” Stardust asked dumbfounded. “Well you are young there are many things you do not need to know, many things you should not know, not yet.” Misty replied and then disappeared. “NO PLEASE! DON’T GO!” Shouted Stardust desperate for answers. “I will come back.. When you are ready to answer my call again” Misty replied. “WAKE UP!” Said a very real voice. “What is it Poisenoak?” Stardust said sleepily.” We need to get a move on we can not keep so we can get to the top of the mountain, Also you were talking in your sleep did you know that?” Poisenoak asked. “Yeah I did. I also know that you smuggled some red berries in my soup yesterday...Clever but not funny.” Stardust said with the slightest annoyance in her voice. “Ha ha you got me but you talking in your sleep and hearing voices? It is not a great sign...Not a good one at all.” Poisenoak replied. “Well we ought to keep going then.” Stardust said. Where are you misty? Why do you and the other spirits hide? What happened? How did you become legends? When will you visit me again? I need answers misty I need answers! Stardust thought hoping that Misty could hear her… possibly.


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05/21/2022 8:44 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Procrastinator
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Out of curiosity, how long ago did you write this?
05/21/2022 8:46 pm
Level 44 : Master Demolitionist
Lacunia avatar
4th grade.
05/21/2022 7:44 pm
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CallmeMelly_5398 avatar
-mega read-

wait i accidentally mixed this with the book im reading-
05/22/2022 11:37 am
Level 39 : Artisan Fox
Foxx- avatar
So like...
What would you rate the book you're reading?
05/22/2022 12:54 pm
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05/22/2022 4:25 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Fox
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Ah ok
05/22/2022 4:28 pm
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theyre adding it (the book im reading) to netflix sometime in late 2022

tiz a very good book
05/22/2022 4:29 pm
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