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Five Nights At Freddy's Q and A

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avatar JBOMB611
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
BOOM! You just got taken down by Freddy, then Bonnie, and on and on..... But wait why and how did this start? I got the answers right here thanks to the Game Theorists.

1. Q: Where did this start? A: A place called Fredbear's diner. Not used to Fredbear but Fazbear. This is where the purple guy's first murder was. And how do we know this? In the Take Cake minigame in Fnaf 2 you are freddy, but in any other minigame you have more animatronics. And when you play it you are in a smaller space. Lastly, you see purple guy pop up outside the building and comes to the kid crying outside the building. Then you see the jumpscare of marrionette, and why? Once purple guy killed the kid, he had tears running down his face, even after he was dead. And did you see the streaks run down marrionettes face. Boom.

2. Q: Was Fnaf 1 actually the first Pizzeria? A: Nope. Right after the diner there was a first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Though that place was left to rot. Becaus of the bite of 87'.

3. Q: Was Fnaf 1 the beginning? A: No. Fnaf 2 was actually before Fnaf 1. How do we know this? So after the diner and the rotted pizzeria, Fnaf 2 technically came first. Weird. Well, first lets look at the animatronics, there are more in Fnaf 1 than Fnaf 2. Also, once you get a paycheck in Fnaf 2 the date is earlier than Fnaf 1's paycheck date. It is written right on them.

4. Q: Did the purple guy kill the kids right on the spot? A: Nope. After his first kill in his diner, he had a way how to kill the kids, he did not kill them outside the building but he lured them into a back room and killed them.

5. Q: Did the purple guy stuff the kids in the animatronics? A: Nope. In one of the minigames you are the marionnette and you give gifts to the dead children. But it dont work, so you give life to the kids. You put them in the animatronics, then after you do that a 5th child comes up and you put him in golden freddy. But he doesnt move like the others. Why? Because he doesnt have an endoskeleton. Hence that is why you see a naked endoskeleton in the parts room.

6. Q: Who is the purple guy? A: This is the big one. PHONE GUY! How do we know this? In the 2nd night in fnaf 2 phone guy asks you if you saw foxy, because that is his favorite. Then in the Foxy go go go minigame foxy runs to the children and the 3rd time you do that, Purple guy is there and smiles as you go. Boom. Also sometimes you will see purple guy holding a curved object in his hand, its kind of hard to pull out because of the pixels. The curved object in his hand is a phone.

7. Q: How did purple guy die? A:  Well in one of the mnigames in fnaf 3 you are a kids spirit and you scare purple guy, then he tries to get in springtrap bonnie. So he is safe. Actually not, it starts to rain. The gears tighten up and crush purple guy, and he dies.

8. Q: Who is the scariest and most dangerous person in any of the fnaf games? A: Not purple guy. Not marrionnette. Not even balloon boy. YOU! Think about it. The animatronics will never attack kids, der, there are kid spirits inside of them. The kid spirits inside of the animatronics will only attack adults. Why? They protect other kids because they dont want the adults to hurt them, because of purple guy.

Got more questions? Ask in the comments below, I will get the answers, and put your name in the question to show you asked it. Heck, you might be added in the additional credit. Thank you, and dont forget to add a diamond!
CreditGame Theorists

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  • July 21, 2015, 4:39 pm
If you could, this would be getting +1 Dislike
  • sgvisual
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  • July 21, 2015, 4:39 pm
Lamest. Article. EVER.

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