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Five Nights At Freddys Solo's Theorys #3

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avatar Soloyolio
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
Ok so firstly I would like to say im not COPYING anyone even if there are any videos about it trust me, i havent watched them.
So i have noticed that alot of people are just straight up saying "foxy did the bite he has a brocken jaw in fnaf 1 and he has brocken teeth aaaaand he is only vun ho haz sharp teeth!!" well guess what ppl, when he enters the room his mouth stays closed and then falls open and somthing malfunctions like his voice.
bonnie So before we go into suspects and all lets narrow it down. So firstly it cant be freddy bonnie or chica because they all have
Herbivorous teeth. So now 6 are gone next is the puppet or Marionette it really does not have teeth from what we know know so see you later marionette! Now onto The Golden Freddy. your all probably SCREAMING at me that Golden Freddy is just a costume in which case your right, but im talking about golden freddys ENDOSKELETON. Now the endoskeleton Rarely makes an apperance in FNAF 2 but it still does but only when the marrionete is out which explains that the killer took the endoskeleton out of the costume and and dumped the skeleton into the box where the Marionette stays but still there is no clear reason besides golden freddy wanting revenge and he wasent updated to the newer tech and he could not use the facial recognition system therefore thinking EVERY human is bad, but i could be completly wrong because the "phone guy" himself says that when ever they encountor a adult they just stare. So we will keep golden freddy in the checklist. Now moving on im going to skip ballon boy because the little battery theif does not really have a confirmed story to himself. Now we are left with..... The Mangle....now this one really makes sence, the "Phone Guy" says that the little kids could not keep them hands to themselfs and that she was taken apart everyday, and so then she got her plan into action. It was to do somthing so severe they would have to put and end to her and taking part form mangles perspective END THE TORTURE SHE IS GOING THROUGH by biting you in the frontal lobe.
Now i noticed that when mangle killed me (Yeah im that bad) it looks like she is aiming for your characters HEAD.
CreditAgain andre for the info

12/06/2014 4:03 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
12/06/2014 4:02 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Ninja
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