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Five Nights At Freddy's Two- New Characters PART 2! [Foxy 2.0?]

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Hey guys! Here is part two of the other post I created about 2 of the new characters in Five Nights At Freddy's Two (The Marionette and Golden Freddy). 

You can find part one of this mini-series here. Otherwise, lets get to it!

In Five Nights At Freddy's Two, every animatronic except Golden Freddy has a 'toy'version of itself. By far, the creepiest of the new version of the animatronics (in my opinion) is the Mangle, or Foxy 2.0 as some people call it.

The Mangle/Foxy 2.0
In-game, the Mangle will almost always be hanging from the ceiling. It can appear in the vents and the doorway in front of the Security Guard's desk, and when it enters the room it will hang from the ceiling. Whenever the security guard (Jeremy Fitzgerald, the name of the security guard in the game in this case) looks at the camera feed of a room in which the Mangle is in, an odd radio feed can be heard. It has been theorized that this noise is a broken voicebox attempting to do it's job, or a police radio. Scott hasn't confirmed if either of these head cannons are true.
The gender the Mangle has/is supposed to have is a bit confusing- the animatronic itself has pink and white on the mask and has a feminine look to it, while the phone guy always used masculine pronouns on the Night 3 phone call. In my opinion, it has no gender because its a robot, but oh well.
The mangle is visibly broken, as only one eye is in the mask and various wires are seen torn from the animatronic. How does this thing even move or work?!

Balloon Boy/BB
The Balloon Boy, or BB for short, is a humanoid looking animatronic who doesn't appear much on game, but makes up for it with a sh** ton of trouble. The Balloon Boy will enter your room from the leftside vent when you check your camera. When he enters, he wont leave until the end of the night, if you survive that long (you'll know why in a minute). The only way to prevent BB from entering your room is putting on the mask when he is seen in the leftside vent. BB apears only on the Game Area and Left Vent camera feeds. BB will always say "Hello!" or "Hi!" when he moves rooms. When in  the room, BB will constantly start laughing.Balloon Boy himself will not kill you, but he will disable your lights. This prevents you to check and see if there is any animatronics in the vents or in the doorway in front of the player. Foxy will most likely kill you if BB gets in your room because you can't flash your flashlight at him in the hallway.Balloon Boy is first in line on my "To Burn" list.

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