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Flans Mod Review

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Greetings! I'm going to be doing an in-depth review on the popular Minecraft mod, Flans Mod. During the time of this review, the mod is in version 5.0 and will soon be updated to 5.1 (expect a review for that). Let's get into it:

  • So the mod is based around weapons of war; Guns, Planes, Tanks, Jeeps, Med Kits, Mechas, etc. You can play in survival or creative singleplayer and have plenty of fun shooting creepers with an L96, but when you put multiplayer into mind, things get real. There are many servers devoted to Flans Mod TDM, Factions, Survival, and CTF. mYou know a bit about the mod, but is it well-made? Very. This mod has very nice 3D models for the guns and vehicles that make it feel like Mojang actually implemented these thihgs into Minecraft! The system for the guns is very nice as well, there is no lag, chopped-off animations (for reloading, recoil, etc.), or any serious bugs. The creator, JamioFlan, deserves a pat on the back. The mod also has a very nice content pack system. Downloading Flans Mod alone will give you next to nothing. To actually get guns, vehicles, and mechas, you will have to download the devoted content pack and drop it in a special folder. For instance, if you want only modern weapons, get the modern weapons pack. Want to add mechas? Grab the titan pack. 

  • PROS:

  1.  -3D models for guns and vehicles.
  2. -Sounds! Most guns have their own unique reloading/firing sounds.
  3. -Content pack system.
  4. -Combines with other mods very nicely.
  5. -Easy set up for modded servers.
  • CONS:
  1. -You will get addicted!

Thanks for reading, please consider trying this mod out! All credit goes to JamioFlan for the mod. www.flansmod.com

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