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Flight of the Eagles | Original Poem

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avatar Kwaysar
Level 12 : Journeyman Engineer

Plain Text | Notes

A newborn eagle takes its first flight
over the scenic waters of the eastern coast.

He soars over unfamiliar lands
as he continues his voyage with pride
while his family trails behind a meter.
The eagle won't let his stamina deter
him from breezing through the glide.
Persevering the harsh borderlands,
they finally land on the outpost
and settled before the dimming light.

Surrounded by a lifeless desert,
the eagles were scorched like
a batch of fried eggs cooked on cobble.
Distraught by the intense heat,
they tried escaping the expanses.
Except their chances
faded after they soon became meat
for a sandstorm waiting to gobble.
However, the storm hit a spike
and it became a delectable dessert
that its brothers craved on.

The clan was lucky to avoid their demise,
heading back to their lone shelter.
They slept through another harsh night
and rose before an alluring dawn.
The young child was ready to migrate.
As the nest collapsed, they set forth.

The close flock would head north
as their energy would slowly regenerate.
Below them were vibrant green lawns.
Clouds were erased by cerulean dynamite.
The barren landscape went to the smelter
and the eagles went up to the skies.

- This is my first poem I typed to submit to PMC
- Entire poem was typed in about an hour
- The poem is for July 4, or the United States's independence day

Thank You For Reading Flight of the Eagles!
- Kwaysar


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Wow, this is really good! The way you presented the poem with the images is really creative. I especially love the angle of the screenshots as it really looks like it's from the eagle's perspective.

Would you consider maybe putting a world save with those places in it on here? It looks like a really neat world. :)

Again, wonderful job and I hope to see more from you in the future.

´╗┐EDIT: ´╗┐Never mind about the world save, I just saw your submission from earlier.

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