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FNAF poem -addedd sister locations-

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avatar Pokezilla101
Level 54 : Grandmaster Unicorn
Foxy is red
bonnie is blue
And freddy is coming to murder you
while chica is too

While toy bonnie stands on stage
Mangle begins to age
Toy chica stands proud with her cupcake
while toy freddy has a scene to make
And marionette comes out his box to play
Balloon boy ends your day

While springtrap hunts you down
the original pizzaria is a ghost town
and nightmare animatronics haunt you
and you keep pushing through

While you learn of the famous bite
That causes the withered animatronics to haunt you at night
While the ghost childeren live on
Plushtrap agrees to let you live upon
And the clock ticks on

While you see the animatronics new and cute
They defeat enimeies with their animatronic boot
They become the good guys
The enimes rise

While i talk of these games
The animtronics learn your names
and search the empty halls
your death wish calls

While Baby is singing on stage
The other animatronics are prepared offstage
To ensure they go out on stage one piece
While the ghosts inside will never be at peace
At night they will come for us
Because inside they must
With their new parts to kill
to ensure they will never rot in a landfill
For they can keep murdering till their ghosts are freed

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  • Finnicon
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  • July 1, 2017, 4:40 am
b-beautiful :')
-slow clap-
Three Claps For You, And Just For You.

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