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FNaF Teaser Talk: Episode 1

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avatar Adventurer Times
Level 52 : Grandmaster Taco
Hello world, it looks like Scott has another surprise for us...

This teaser mostly features a mangled version of Ballora (?) which, just like all the Sister Location animatronics, has divided face pieces (or whatever you call them, I dunno) and in this guy's/girl's/demon's case, is the divided by right jaw, left jaw, right face, and left face and even has Mr. Potato Head ear pieces and a clown nose. And as usual is in the Fazbear Entainment's Underground Bunker.

Now it's time for the interesting parts, the scary ones, it's obvious that half of the teaser consists mostly metallic tentacles and wires, and that HALF OF THE FACE PIECE ISN'T THERE, yep, in return you see half of the endoskeleton with a big red eye and Ballora's big sharp teeth, metal eyelashes (?), and it's eye if falling out, yep, it's made in CHINA.

So lastly, what's this animatronic's identity, it just can't be any other new character because all the names were given out...unless he'll make a new copyright with this demon in it. But what if he won't, so I came up with 2 major candidates:

Ennard - I know my Ennard theory is stupid, because it is. In the bottom right corner is a sentence that says "There's a little bit of me in every body." so that's maybe referencing child souls, or endoskeletons...or maybe it's a pun. Yep. What's inside every (human) body, innards, who name sounds like innard, Ennard :).

Minirena - As i said before, it looks kind of like Ballora, who's a ballerina, and we've seen Ballora before, SHE'S IN INTACT SHAPE,
so if this is not an alternate Ballora, it might be Minireena (I can't see the mini tho).

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06/21/2016 6:10 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Meme
Vincent _1987
This doesn't look like Ballora, it has a red nose, and Ballora's face is kind of oval-shaped. It'll be probably lurking around the vents sooooo yeah, I'm terrified xD .

Plus, you forgot that Marionette/child soul's reflection is on it's nose.
06/24/2016 4:23 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Taco
Adventurer Times
Thank's for mentioning the nose reflection, I would of never seen it.
09/03/2018 6:20 am
Level 29 : Expert Ninja
wow creepy
09/03/2018 6:21 am
Level 29 : Expert Ninja
i think its Ennard bc of one of the eyes closed and the body with SOOOO many wired

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