Food for Thought with FRB: A random chatting blog Part 1

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avatar Filthy_Rich_Bunny
Level 7 : Apprentice Engineer
Hello everyone! Filthy Rich Bunny here, or you can just call me Bunny. Like everyone else does.

Decided to myself I would post a blog post mainly because, I like abit of converstation and since I have 4 Subscribers rocking it out. I suppose it's better putting up this up than putting a Project page up with a Progress Bar slowly filling up.

So to those 4 subscribers. Thank you for Subscribing and hopefully within the next week or two I will give you my next project. Shocking that its going to take me a week maybe more to produce it. Either way its going to be fantastic. Big.... Complicated.... but at least it will look very cool.

Anyway on topic of the reason why am making this blog besides the fact that sitting at this PC working on the project and its the summer holidays, I have 3more months of Holiday left, I have 0 money at all till the end of August and some how I paid my rent.

Three cheers for Minecraft being free and Guild Wars 2 having Beta weekends.

So...... I went to the darkside of the MLP Community and I thought I had a terrible bringing up as a child. Even though that stuff is not near what I am into, its still creepy and makes my skin crawl.

What else is worth a mention.... I decide to change my build style to Build it as it is instead of building it all in one material and editing it later, it all looks alot better that way now.

Well this 1st Blog was abit crap but the forums are confusing and am not sure where I should go for a bit of converstation I suppose the 1st one is always the worse one.

Thanks for Reading and Stay tuned for more! =:3
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