For the pixel art servers: The mobile pixel hut!

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This isn't a ground breaking post, I just want to get that out of the way right now. This is mainly for those on servers that have essentials, WorldEdit, and allow for more then a few players to use WorldEdit.

What this is, as you can see, is a box! Yes, a box! With signs, even!
Anyways, stupid comment aside, this box has [Free] signs inside it, along with [Disposal] signs. This one shown has four disposal signs, signs for every color of wool, a sign for cooked chicken, a sign for dirt, a sign for a diamond pick, and sign for a diamond spade. And yes, my server is "creative" so member can spawn items as they want/need them. This is just for the members that are either too lazy to use /i [namehere] or just have problems with it (due to spelling of names, or trying to find the numbers).

The bedrock is there so no one can get inside unless it's needed. This one is not supposed to be used, but is a copy and paste box. Simply select two blocks of 98:3 (the funny circle one), stand somewhere, use //copy, and then use //paste where you need it! The sign contents will copy over and everything! But since the bedrock wasn't in the selection, people can now get in the box, and use it. And when your two blocks of the 98:3 and use //cut. Easy!

I hope this was helpful for someone on a server somewhere! And keep in mind, this can be expanded!
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