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Forced to leave. {Contest Entry}

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avatar Artsy_Lady
Level 32 : Artisan Wolf
This is for Chiaroscuro's Writing contest round 3
I'm supersized and pleased that I have made it this far
This contest has really helped me improved in my writing, which is always great.
The theme this time was leaving home, specifically the act of packing up the main characters belongings.
Feedback is very much appreciated.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this!!
Word Count: 506

Even though I'm in a state of calm, thoughts are still rushing through my head. I’ve been staying here for years, but the thought of being discovered still runs through my mind. Sitting quietly on my train ride home, I sip my coffee while looking out my window, thoughts still swirling in my brain.

The train comes to a sudden stop, I pick up my belongings ,and I walk onto the train station. Walking alone in the darkness, I can hear the pitty patter of my own feet walking down the sidewalk. No one was out this late, no one would even think of it.

I look up to see the stars and the same apartments going down for miles. That’s one of the things about this town. To be “perfect” everything has to look the same, which is boring if you ask me.

I reach my apartment, and open my door. Everything looked the same as always. Unneat and unorganized. I grab a ramen cup, and the blinking of the telephone bass caught my eye. I press the message button and continued to put my ramen into the microwave. “Hey, I’m sorry to be telling you now, but they know. I’m already on the run, just bought a crappy phone to tell you all this. I’ll throw it away after. Meet me on the outskirts. Try not to get caught this time will ya?” There was a long beep after ,I was shocked. The government was probably coming any minute now.

I Walked into my room in disbelief. I took out my never ending bag, and I began to look around my room for some things to bring with me. I open one of my dresser drawers ,and pull out miracle pills that can cure anything and everything within five minutes. I also pull out a wad of cash that's been hiding in one of my socks. Putting the two things in my bag, I walk over to my vanity.

I stop and look at the photo of my two little girls, the ones I was doing this all for. If only there dad was still around. Next to the frame was the letters they wrote me. It's sad that I can’t watch them grow up ,but someone’s gotta do this. I grab the picture frame with the letters, and a couple of useless junk and stuck it into my bag.

I walk to my closet, while taking about 5 invisa suits that have been hanged up since forever, I bump into something. It was my hoverboard ,I forgot I had brought it with me. I had that bored since I was six. It still had those little dents that I got when I rode it for the first time.

I stuffed the clothes and my bored into the bag. I took one more scan around the room. Feeling satisfied, I looked at the clock, time was running out. I ran out the door into the darkness, with the hope to never be seen again.

Thanks for reading <3


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  • -Koto-
  • Level 8
  • Apprentice Pig
  • September 10, 2018, 4:57 pm
Quality content. If i wrote that much my hands would die. Anyways i wanna know more now xD

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