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Forgotten - WWC #1

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autumnistic avatar autumnistic
Level 41 : Master Botanist

This is an entry for PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft's Weekly Writing Challenge!
As probably not many of you know, I like to write!
So, this was a nice excuse to share some of my writing! :D
Also, so I can write, I haven't written that much this Summer Break.
So, anyways, without further ado, here's my entry! :D

  A desk coated in dust stood in an old room. A mess of paper, growing brown and frail, lied on the ground. Silence weft across the room, only to be occasionally interrupted by a bird’s chirp or the air’s breath.
  Suddenly, orange and blue light escaped the pages, which flooded the study. An anguished roar tainted the room’s peace. The previously undisturbed paper flew across the room, which created a tornado made of dirt and sheets of white.
  The vibrant lights grew stronger, molding shapes out of air, swirling and dancing around. They molded themselves into two orbs, which grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, they were so large they almost took up all of the tiny office. The once flying papers fell, which made it seem as if they had never been touched before.
  Then, the lights faded, leaving two tigers in its place. The first tiger looked like it was made of fire. Orange sparks sizzled off of him, making the air warm and the space bright. He stepped forward, and created a trail of ashes and char behind him. Soon after, he busted through the frail wood door, entering into an overgrown living room.
  Light leaked through the shattered windows, which grazed the small white sofa and the worn-down coffee table in the sun’s bliss. Bookshelves were knocked down, covering the oak floor with forgotten stories wrapped in hard covers.
  Quickly after the first, the second tiger waltzed in. Balancing out the first tiger’s fiery embers, her fur was made of cascading water. As silent as an abandoned lake, she left a wet trail behind her. Her eyes were full of sorrow and memories of times before. She held an empty paper in her mouth, and was careful not to dampen it.
  The fiery tiger looked back at her, knowing what they must do. They nodded and exchanged a silent agreement. Then, as sudden as they had appeared, they faded away.
  The paper the second tiger held in her mouth, drifted to the ground. Only now, it held a painting of two tigers, one made of fire and one made of water.

Uh, there you go!
I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


CreditCredit for the image is in the drop-down box, also credit to Ip for making the challenge! :D

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08/01/2020 4:53 am
Level 32 : Artisan Unicorn
weisey avatar
07/27/2020 10:58 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
uli_uwu avatar
oml that was really good!! not ot be a copycat but yeah, the descriptions are really good :D
07/27/2020 11:02 pm
Level 41 : Master Botanist
autumnistic avatar
thank youu! :D:D
07/27/2020 10:35 pm
Level 44 : Master Geek
ChatieTheDragon avatar
Ohhh what a beautiful short story! Your descriptions are also incredible <3
07/27/2020 10:37 pm
Level 41 : Master Botanist
autumnistic avatar
Aww, ty! :D
07/27/2020 9:26 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Elf
PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft avatar
you're so good at describing things
07/27/2020 9:27 pm
Level 41 : Master Botanist
autumnistic avatar
tyy :D:D
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