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Forum's VS Blogs [Drawing the line]

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avatar -Rusty-
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Hey people of PMC! My name is Abuse, formerly -Rusty-, but I decided to change because #reasons... If you haven't noticed, I'm not the most active user, and a lot of my ideas are bologna, which is bad because all these writing skills then go to waste! But continue on, it is an important message, I feel any blogger should look at this, not just on PMC

 I'm going to say this right now, just before you continue. In no way is this like a blog, not even a rant, you could say it is a new take on writing blogs for PMC...

I was just recently in the chat room before writing this, complaining about having ideas that suck so much! I left this blog for more than a month because I couldn't figure out how to make it meaningful. I took a trip to Alaska, and while it was a little boring, it gave me a lot of time to think, read a few books, went to a few worship concerts, it was awesome. With a renewed and sharper mind, and a lot of chocolate, eating better [contradictory?] or just whatever, I finally decided to come back here, not just to write about what I learned, but to write about one thing I've been wanting to make a blog about for many months now, and that is the mystery of the blog section...

This brings us to what I am going to first say. Now, I'm sure you all think you know what this is about: "Quality vs Quantity", when in fact, this simply about the time it takes to make content, but does not use any arguments that topic uses. What I'm saying is that so often bloggers will use the system of scheduling in order to have a nice routine, and to actually keep themselves blogging, and I'm not saying that this is not a good thing to do. Good blogs take time, which much is true, and while you don't need to take a month away to Alaska like me thinking about your blog in order to make it good, you also can't rush anything. Here is what I mean;

A couple of years ago, I had a blog about my life called 'This blog is very random' [I know right?], and it planned to write a blog every Monday. What I would do is reflect on what happened in that past week, and then write some life lesson I learned, the problem with that was that my life was not always exciting, and the lessons I was learning was not always apparent to me, thus some weeks I would skip. Of course, you know where I am going with this... If I skipped one day, it would weeks before I wrote my next blog, and soon that blog came tumbling down.

All that to say this, if you need to take time on your blog, do it, but if you can finish it in one day, go for it! Let what you’re writing about, and your topic, decide how much time you need. And don't be afraid to start earlier! That always helps me.

Drawing a line (and leaving it)

So, the title of this blog is called "Forums vs Blogs", but only now am I actually going be talking about that? I know right, crazy...

Sometimes, when blogs become about meeting a due date, or even when it does become about how many blogs you have, something as simple as when it comes to getting XP or views or whatever it is that you will receive for blogging, it is these times that our blogs start to become watered down. Now, I don't mean "crappy blogs", goodness no; every blogger can admit they started off with crappy blogs, as with anything, the master always started off as an apprentice, the hero was once a wimp, people who are good something once had no idea about said thing. But a lot of times we don't understand the definition of a blog, and it easy for us, being on these forum sites, to make a blog that could very well of just been posted on the forums. So then, what is the difference between a blog post and forum post? I've asked lots of people, and this is the conclusion:

A blog is your detailed article, opinion, or story that people can comment on, give you their views, feedback, etc., it is for you to provide your conclusions on a topic.

A forum post is where you start a discussion, weather to poll people, find out other people opinions or views on something, or if you just want to ask the community something interesting! You could say the main purpose for the forums is to ask questions

td;lr: Blogs are you answering a question in detail, forums are you asking a question

And now give it up for Chron, as he speaks about this matter!

"Chron: The main idea of a forum is for one person to spark a discussion by bringing up points, and those that reply make up the majority of the content to achieve a goal. For a blog, one member provides the majority of the information/discussion, and any discussion is not necessary for a goal to be achieved. Those are the primary purposes. Yes, they could be [used] either way, but in order to use each service most efficiently, you use them in the manner I described. There's a difference in asking for input and asking for a discussion. A blog is a piece of written work meant to achieve a goal on its own, without external assistance. By asking for input, you're asking for methods to edit that singular piece of work to better achieve its goal, rather than external words contributing directly to the goal, i.e. forums.

In all honesty, they can be used very similarly. But as I said before, their distinct purposes are different. Different in how they include others, different in what their initial purpose is, different in their variety of content, different in their use of multiple sources, etc.

And with that, I'm going back to forum reports"

A detailed conclusion

What? A conclusion already? I'm as shocked as you are. Here are some final words to put this whole thing in perspective (tl;dr at the bottom if you don't want to read this conclusion)

I'm going to take a quick snippet to talk about things that are actually against the rules, like making a blog strictly to ask a question; I've come to a conclusion about length. Also included in the rules is a little fiddly bit about how your blog needs to be so and so characters long to post it. It also says don't spam to meet those requirements. Here the first point: forums do not require me to meet a character limit, in fact I can go make a forum post right now simply "Have fun today?", and it would blast off like no other (probably.) The rules are not just there as a suggestions, they're not even just there to be followed, they are there to tell you the difference between a blog and a forum post!

Now, just for all of those comments I may or may not see, about anything in this blog, let me go over a few I might expect to see...
1.Things like shops are forum posts, don't think I'm saying that those aren't forum posts, they're just a different kind of.
2. In the same way, there are different types of blogs. Stories, tutorials, reviews, etc.
3. While some could argue THOSE blogs could be on the forums, actually... they couldn't...

Let me expand on number 3. We talk about what blogs are, but we always seem to be referring to articles, when actually these rules of Forums vs Blogs applies to these sub-sections as well. Argue as you may, this is my detailed conclusion on the matter, because:

1. No story is without a theme and a moral, and both of these can be defined as a general statement about life. Aka, you’re writing something for the purpose of coming to a conclusion.
2. A tutorial, this one is self-explanatory, but I'll say it anyway if you still think otherwise. A tutorial is literally answering the question of "how do you do [blank]."
3. A review, this one is where is can get a little frisky. While you can argue this point, a review is a blog, it is your detailed description or thoughts about something, which to be honest is exactly what a blog is. Now go home!

And finally, much like our last ending, it all comes down to one thing:

Td;lr: Blogs are your detailed answer or opinion to question or topic, and forums are you asking a question with the intention of sparking further discussion.

I really hope you all enjoyed this blog, by yours truly!

Feel free to diamond or Favorite, but you don't have to! Just make sure to comment, leave some feedback, tell me what I need to improve on, whatever!

Until next time!


CreditChron for input, Fanjawi for the Thumbnail

02/18/2016 3:53 pm
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They're both trash in my subjective opinion.
03/01/2016 12:07 pm
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