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As this is a bit long, I advise you to break out the popcorn. Sit back and relax, enjoy the show!

I was about nine when I got Minecraft.

Gripe all you want about how I'm gonna tell this, but when I was introduced to Minecraft it was via the website, the old one of course, and Vareide's lovely "What is Minecraft" video. I was so fascinated by it I up and left my computer until I was ten, roughly two years. See, at the time I wouldn't have the patience or the interest to play the game, I was a big sports freak and I was too wrapped up in getting straight A's for a class I wasn't going to need for the entirety of middle school. That was, until, I met Ciera and Joey.
These two were all-out gamers. PC, xBox, Playstation, you name it! These two knew what was going on in the world (well... up until I became top gaming culture enthusiast for all of my city) and so the first thing they asked me was "Do you play Minecraft, shrimpy?" I shook my head and we continued into our classroom. The two, upon realising the meaning of this, gasped in horror!
"Why not?"
I really didn't know how to answer this other than "I dunno, I'm not into gaming that much." Of course as most young Minecrafters do, they wretch in disgust and decide "Oh my god we have to tell you everything about it!" So for the remainder of that day, perhaps even the next, Ciera and Joey would tell me "Well you can do this" and then call me after going home "And you can do that!" and the cycle continued. As much as I wanted to shove a sock down both of their throats, I decided now would be a good time to go shopping for my next birthday present. And of course, I was floored by the immense possibility of buying the thing that almost literally made my friends foam at the mouth in excitement.
Unfortunately for me, school ended in May, my birthday was in late June, and at the time it was only... oh god... February. For the time being I lost interest in getting outside and preferred to waste my precious hours looking up videos by lower level Youtubers and gushing about how one day "I'll build that!" or "I'm gonna kill the Ender Dragon too!"
After about four months, my grandparents, I suppose, took pity on me and bought me the game.
I appeared in my first world, a magnificent 1.2.5 normal world on creative, and my desire to create lifted me into the air and I took flight. And ever since, here I am, enjoying the simplistic style and idea of Minecraft: Build.

And by build, I really meant build. I was obsessed with creating and shaping houses, watching building tutorials, and the like. Eventually I found myself a server where I could build. I met a very good friend of mine there, AppleTechMedia, who decided to let me help him create, as well. He invited me to his almost natal server meant for building, but he was more interested in making it his way, making it a plot server, but with class. Warps to hop to for entertainment, for conversations, for parties! This guy meant business, and with my current building capability, I was gonna have to shape up to meet the requirements to kick butt or get banned trying!
So here I am, a little eleven year old trying to match the epicocity of a highschooler. Dang was I cocky back then. Makes me cringe thinking about it. So Apple taught me to build in certain ways; no house could just be a square, add pillars, use patterns, choose a palette, etc. Somehow, getting bossed around like that didn't tick me off, but it was worth it. Although I did get banned from his server after a while, and we're still kinda rough around eachother, I've used his style for almost everything I make. I loved learning how to create, and even when I was criticized by people I used it a lot. I started perfecting my style, and explore what I could make.

Fast forward about a year. I'm thirteen in this, Joey and I are still friends, and he has a friend too. His friend had a server. We all set up camp in different places, the owner had his home on a mountain with two enormous spires, Ciera lived in a lush forest, and as for Joey and I, we set up camp in what we remember it as Whitewing Ravine. From there most of my style was built around caves and deep, dark places. My buildings and stuff were usually flat, but they worked, because Whitewing was a citadel, a shopping mall, although it was just supposed to be a small base.
For a while, Whitewing was a giant hub for communication and partying. There was a pet shop, a clothes store, any mall store, we had it. I was the most popular building in my real life area for a bit.
Suddenly, Joey and the owner had a falling out. I decided now, with my own credit card, I'd set up a realm. The little **** wants to play games? Sure, we'll play some games!
Thankfully the whitelist is very strict on Realms. New Whitewing, named after it's late predecessor, blossomed. It was my town, my home, and I loved being and building there!

Now that I'm fourteen and heading to high school I won't be able to pay too much attention to my realm much more. But because of the ravine's legacy, Joey and I are the most popular Minecraft players of my city. Perhaps, now that I'm a popular player here, and I have so many friends just from playing Minecraft, that's what made me play. :)
CreditProbably all of my L&L teachers for making me write that way

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