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avatar SzaryPogromca
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What makes me a minecrafter?

You don't have to be the best in pvp, be an amazing builder, be the most known Minecraft let's play youtuber on the world, be the gratest commandblocks or commands expert. You even don't have to know all recipes in minecraft, I still don't know how to make a cake, to be a minecrafter. You can be one of them, but you don't have to.

Minecrafter makes you that, that you like to play Minecraft. When you will feel that game, you will this person. Anyone of people who are playing Minecraft at this moment are Minecrafters. Anyone who have Minecraft Premium are Minecrafters. What about this people who don't have money or from other reasons have Minecraft Crack? Maybe it's strange for you, but I think that they are a Minecrafters.

This is one of milions maybe bilions stories on the world. And one of two or three hundreds on this contest, but it's original..., because it's my story.

I'm not great in pvp, I can build ehm... well, I haven't got youtube channel (yet), I know few minecrafts commands and tricks, and I'm a Minecrafter. I'm not scared to say that.

There was a little boy - me, he was quite lonely and bored. He was looking for films on youtube to take time. He was looking in Trending and he noticed one film at the first five and title: "Przygody z Minecraft Sezon 2". It had more that 1.000.000 views, so he said to himself in mind: "Why not?". Then he start the film. It wasn't in very good quality, because of that our friend don't have great internet. (He still don't have it, but it's subject for other conversation.) He saw squares and youtuber in top right corner. He liked how JJay (youtuber) build and talk about this game. He watched other part next day. He repeated this every day. Little boy want to have Minecraft. He want to download it for free. It don't work. He was sad. He tried it other day, but it's still don't work. He watched others youtubers and he was getting sadder that he can't play it.

However one day he done this, he downloaded this game. It tooks about hour but he has this game. (I think it was version 1.2.5) He started playing. He was walkig around beautiful, square world and then... he was shoted by skeleton. He was little suprised, but he take some dirt and start to block cave to hide inside. In this way he survived first night, and then others. At some day he find out that some of his school mates play in this game to and watch the same youtuber. He was very happy. Next week he started play on Multiplayer servers. He played on them with "Skała" - his friend nickname. They was playing sky wars, hide and seek and many other mini games. They played together on survival servers, hardcore and many more... Now our little boy have sixteen years since July, and he still play Minecraft. For someone maybe it's funny, but he like it. From 1.2.5 to 1.10 he learned many things. He met lots of interesting people from our world - United States, India, England, some from other parts of Poland and one from Israel on minecraftforum, yesterday. He is now more communicative, that he was about 5 years ago. Minecraft gave me joy, what he don't have much earlier.

This is my story and it makes me a Minecrafter. Now (13.08) I'm writing it, English isn't my main language so, I could make many mistakes, but I'm happy, that I write it. Many things from earlier years changed. JJay is not recording now. I end Junior High School. I don't have contact with Skała, but I hope that I can get it. One thing what won't change, it's Minecraft, I still have it, and it's still giving me joy. (Yeah, I know that there is new snapshots and Minecraft has changed owner, but I said that: "...won't change..." because it's still have old Minecraft inside.

Summarizing it's all, maybe little things makes me a Minecrafter.


08/26/2016 2:14 pm
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I started in 1.2.5 too :3
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