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Level 44 : Master Lava Rider
Micheal woke up covered in snow, laying against a tree. He was freezing, he could barely see anything, and he was still trying to figure out what had happened. Then he remembered.
He lost.
For the first time in his life, he lost.
He didn't know where the others were, or even if they were still alive. He didn't have much time left himself, but there was nothing he could do. He had tried and failed to stop it. He tried to raise his left arm, but the ice had frozen most of the metal and wiring. He raised his right, and his bright reflection slowly began to form from his fingertips. He wanted to have a nice chat with his soul before they both disappeared.
Magic looked at Micheal's other arm. After a long pause, he said solemnly, "It seems Metal will not be joining us tonight."
With a bittersweet smirk, "Yeah," Micheal croaked, "seems that way."
Magic floated around for a second, then sat next to Micheal.
"Summoner, you know-"
"For the love of god, Magic. We're all about to die, so can you spare me the 'Summoner' crap and just call me Micheal?"
"Micheal. There was nothing we could do," Magic said softly, "She already-"
"I know!" Micheal snapped, then sighed, "I know."
They both sat in silence for a long time, as Micheal started to feel more and more tired.
"Sum... Micheal?"
"Yeah, I'm here..."
"It's been an honor serving you."
Micheal turned towards Magic to see he was beginning to flicker out of this world.
Magic smiled at him, "No... It's been an honor being your family."
Micheal looked down, not looking at his reflection and his consciousness was fading away. With his last bit of energy, he looked up at the moon, closed his eyes and slowly spoke, his voice soft and calm.
"The honor was ... mine..."
His body slowed and he let the cold overtake him.

04/03/2020 12:48 pm
Level 47 : Master Blob
that's better than my writing
*claps* so majestic
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