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Fru's Zombie Apocalypse World (Woodbury From The Walking Dead) Download Links

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New Description:
Heh. Fru Just Survived On WOODBURY From The Walking Dead.
Think Who Just Wants A Download Link If You Can Get It Somewhere.
Also How The Heck Did Fru Download This World (again the download link to the world he downloaded is BROKEN it redirects me to Fandom and it doesn't download.)
its absurd.
i don't know how he downloaded it but its sure a mystery!

Old Description:
Fru did something absurd
he posted a download link to his zombie apocalypse world that he downloaded
which turned out to be woodbury from the walking dead.
the download link is broken when i attempted to download instead redirecting to fandom and no download popping in.
(don't ask me how he downloaded it)
but if you wanna try download here!
but if its broken download it from some users right here!
The Walking Dead Woodbury Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com)
The Walking Dead Minecraft Map (planetminecraft.com)
CreditFru, Prdgy, Not PaulGG And Jpthebuilder (who made the map for them)

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