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Fun /w Nametags!

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avatar StealingDaPenta
Level 29 : Expert Pony

So, nametags have been in the game for a while now and each time I'm surprised how little people know about the following things.
That's why I decided to make a little blog about it.

When using the following nametags and it doesn't work for you: check if you haven't made any spelling mistakes or CAPITAL mistakes. Yes, they are caps sensitive. 

  1. Nametagged mobs will not despawn
    Use this to your advantage! For example: when capturing a creeper trying to get a charged one: nametag it to prevent it from despawning! 
  2. Nametagging a bossmob will make that name appear
    If you put a nametag with any name on a bossmob (aka. Dragon or Wither), the chosen name will appear on the top of the screen above the purple lifeline, instead of the default "Dragon" or "Wither".
  3. Dinnerbone
    Renaming any mob Dinnerbone will turn it upside down. Permanently! (or until renamed)
  4. Grumm
    Renaming any mob Grumm will turn it upside down. Permanently! (or until renamed)
  5. jeb_ (sheep)
    Naming a sheep jeb_ will make it a rainbow sheep. Colours will keep changing. Beware: only works on sheep! When shearing this sheep, the original colour of wool will drop. Yes, this is the famous rainbow sheep.
  6. Toast (rabbit)
    Using this nametag will give a rabbit a different skin that does not occur by natural spawning. You can also put this nametag on the "killer bunny", so other people wouldn't notice it's a killer bunny. Only works on rabbits!

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