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Instruments Game

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avatar Sothopery
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
A first person shooter where the weapons are instruments.

Different instrument families are a different class, such as:
=> Percussion has a wide variety
=> Brass and Woodwind instruments for automatic guns
=> Stringed instruments to be used as a shotgun, especially guitars
*maybe not

You can also use different genres of these weapons for even more customization and stat variation

The soundwaves that these instruments create are so powerful they could kill someone!
Though, the weapons usually break too, and you have to repair (reload) them to go again.

The battleground should be silent so all these instruments are heard. The instruments that other players shoot will change pitch to match a song.

The gameplay would probably be similar to Splatoon's

This blog was written on mobile, and the box cannot be expanded on mobile; so this is all I can write for now.

Firerate: how fast the weapon can be fired
Movement Speed: Multiplier for walking speed
Durability 1,2: Magazine Size (1 is how many shots it will take before a weapon needs reloaded, 2 is how many repairs there can be before the weapon is completely unusable)
Soundwave size: the radius of the soundwave a weapon emits
Soundwave swell: how long it takes the soundwave to reach its max size
Soundwave damage 1,2,3: how much damage a soundwave does (1 is pointblank, 2 is max size, 3 is decayed.)
Soundwave decay: how long until the soundwave disappears

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