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Gaming Screenshots

The kind of things me and my friend would get up to lol
Gaming Screenshots
Gaming Screenshots

Just some flying baby llamas, nothing unusual...

I used to have a PvP YouTube series... This was the last thing I saw before I died

Bringin' home the bacon


The proper way to ride in a boat

Fortnite (no I don't really play it anymore)

So he was waiting inside the building to shoot me from a turret as soon as I walked in, but the game glitched and I could quite easily see him from the outside lol


My pet

Just a snowman driving a boat on land...

The day I learned to master the force

(it may take a moment to spot me in the next picture)
Being the third wheel be like:

Sea of Thieves

The Pirate Lord likes deh cat

idk. for some reason this is just kinda funny to me

Dabbing with my parrot

Happy boi

Things on land that shouldn't be on land

That's gotta be the best pirate I've ever seen (they were harpooned to the rock arch overhead)Battling this ship was my favorite ship battle that I've done so far, because they were basically unsinkable due to the position of their ship which prevented water from flowing into the holes we shot into the hull. But after epic battling, stunts, and quick thinking we managed to get their ship unstuck from the rock and they sank as soon as they hit the water.

Me and my pet fox :3

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