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avatar TheMicronAverian01
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First off, let me just say that some of the ideas here may be simmilar to others, bear in mind great minds think alike. So if you think ive copied your post youre wrong.


There should be a new option bar called [Profile].

Under profile there will be settings like

[Freinds List]

Freinds list is basically you being able to add people to a list where you
can message them and tack what servers they play on.


Description is basically an about me. You can write random stuff about yourself


Age is what it says on the lid

[Servers Played On]

Servers Played On will show what servers you have played on, your rank, and which ones you were banned from.
This will help with moderator applications as server owners will be able to verify claims

[ RFAM ]

RFAM stands for Random Facts About Me.

It will show what is the block you have collected the most,
When you bought minecraft
Most played on server
Achievements got
and other random stuff.

[ Modding Support ]

An new option bar labeled [ Mods ]

You can browse through published mods and install them, like applications for a smartphone.

With that, they should have compatibility mods pre installed such as modloader.

With that they should also have.......

[Texture Central]

Somthing to build on the texture packs, a whole list of texture pack with specs of what your computer can handle and can't. Featuring built in mcpatcher and texture packs of the week.

[ Server Ratings ]

A little page where you can enter a servers ip and rate them. nothing much.

[Helmet Lights]

Moveable torches thta can be stuck to your head so you wont have to keep lighting the way. Does not stop mobs spawning.

Crafting recipie shall be a helmet + glowstone on it.

[ Skin Puver
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