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avatar FrozenToast
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Impromptu post (never done this before) about the current direction of this profile, and it's owner's minecraft experience in general. IE, "an old school blog". tl;dr: Just saw the 1.14 Village and Pillage Java Pre-Release in bootstrap client, and for various reasons I (likely) won't be moving up to 1.14 yet:

0a) Only play java and occasionally (rarely) pocket
0b) Java edition PC is getting old but 1.13.2 runs smooth, once launched. Bedrock edition unit (laptop) runs too hot for my liking.
1) Have never beat the enderdragon or wither, and outside farming/exploring, haven't spent much time in nether
2) Just started 1.13, and my first dedicated SSP 1.13 world last week
3) Just noticed not catching any water bottles in said 1.13 world (used to get a lot) from AFK fish farm
4) Really like this world seed (old one found in an older version) in 1.13, but not as much in 1.14 (NPC villages)
5) MCEdit has not been updated to 1.13 yet and I'm waiting on that with main creative world.
6a) Haven't played SMP in years. Ran a realm for over 2 years but only checked in from time to time the second year on.
6b) Don't currently have reliable internet access for java edition anyway.
7) Already checked in to a snapshot of 1.14 (19w05a) and am uncertain of new NPC village (blacksmith loot tables etc)
8a) It usually takes me 200+ in game days to get a town started, but this current world I've been slower than ever before (day 50 got AFK fish farm done, day 70 started trading with villagers, first stack and a half of emeralds)
8b) Perfectionist "hoarder" in SSP; never waste non-renewables. Always wait until max fortune to mine diamonds/lappis/etc. Only use diamonds from chests for first enchanting table, etc. Just challenges for SSP; only trade for glass, never smelt sand, etc (non-renewables).
9) As hinted at above, I've never reached "end-game" in SSP before. That is a main goal in my current 1.13.2 world.

Will watch out for which Youtubers move up to 1.14 when it goes live in earnest, or has it's stability update like 1.13 had. May try to learn worldedit in the interim waiting on MCEdit to update, to finish my older projects listed on my profile.

More info on my current (SSP) survival world; 14 April 2019: Day 80: First house first floor complete (bare bones), 6 double-chests AFK fish farm loot, one double-chest chicken eggs (no automatic cooker yet, still eating cooked fish). Current primary emerald trade resource(s); paper and wheat (hopefully future site of "Wheatscroll" town). Diamonds uncovered in mine; (at least) 7 nodes (none mined yet, waiting on fortune pickaxe). Level: 54. Bookshelves: 7 (could trade for more, have stack and half of emerald & 3 white shirt NPCs - also 4 "NPC Libraries", all bookshelves still intact). Still sleeping with the fishes (in natural dirt mineshaft that goes under-water in ocean; if I punch sand will have dolphins in my bed). House is 100% "practical", 0% aesthetic (real house 1st floor was finished around day 30 but only just started putting roof (second floor) on). No doors yet though already traded for glass. No animal pens yet (other than 2 chickens laying eggs on a dropper @ AFK fish farm), just occasional shearing random sheep while lumberjacking. 2 small cobble crop fields, whole peninsula terraformed. Next step: Find (chest) diamonds, make crafting table (may use lava for obsidian). Challenge: Before day 100, must use chest obsidian.

May share (this) seed later. It's one I found years ago but never got around to playing. A savanna/plains/mesa/dessert/ocean biome spawn, with 2 NPC villages in almost-visible distance (both in desert, one side on savanna/ocean side, other on mesa/jungle intersection side (actually sits IN mesa biome, with jungle just one plateau away)).

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05/10/2019 12:28 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Day 330+ update.

Abandoning world for 1.14 update. Finally got enchanting table/bookshelves, full set of enchanted equipment, started 1.14 prepping-world, 4 stacks of blocks of emerald, dozens of double-chests of wood from wood farm... but bored. Don't feel like grinding anymore or building the designs I had in mind.

May share seed later. It's a good 1.13 seed; 6 NPC villages less than 1,000 blocks from spawn. Also 4 underwater ruins on the surface (with drowned spawned on land) less than 1,000 blocks from spawn. And Jungle/Mesa biomes AT spawn. And one of the NPC villages has 7 obsidian, 2 diamonds. And 3 Desert temples in desert across from spawn.
04/14/2019 7:21 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Meant make enchanting table for "Next Step", not "crafting table".

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