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George Not Found - The Adventures of A Girl In The Forest - Page 7 ☼Popular Reel☼

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  “You cannot stay here long, curses do not remove one’s nature.” A gentle voice resounded.

  “The mistress speaks,” all the little fish of the lake chattered.

  “A water-lined cloak, it will keep you safe. I do not recommend taking it off until the stars shine in the heavens.”

  “T-Thankyou many w-waters” George gurgled before going back to shore.

  She pulled the cloak closer around her as she coughed up the water.

  Everyone looked at her worriedly but Harper spoke first, “George, Angel, you okay!?”

  “I will be,” another fit of coughing broke up her words as she gasped for air, “in a minute.”

  “I can go without air for minutes,” Angel said nonchalantly, “Doesn’t mean it’s exactly pleasant though.”

  “Sorr-y,” George choked, “I forgot, you were on my- wrist.”

  “No need, now get your breath back before that forest kid gets here.” Angle stated matter of factly.

  “Wha- what kid?” George asked, finally starting to get her protesting lungs under control.

  “That one,” Angel said pointing with her head.

  “And since when did you become so pessimistic and grumpy?” George commented getting up off the ground. She winced as her burned wrist stayed in the sun a second too long.

  “It’s a good thing you have that shady log shelter!” Gary said happily

  “You really are a ‘the glass is half full’ kinda guy aren’t cha’?” George smiled. Gary might’ve had a rough past, but that sure didn’t keep him from being bright and cheery.

  “Gosh Angel, I still don’t see that guy you keep talkin’ about,” George said confused.

  “That’s because I don’t see him either-” Angel started.


  “Let me finish my sentence, George. As I was saying, I don’t see him, I smell him”

Hope you enjoyed the story, and have a good rest of your day! :D

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