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Get at least 75% of these and your a true Minecrafter

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avatar XkinerCreate
Level 38 : Artisan Zombie
1. Knows the creator of the game
2. Knows how to craft
3. Not a cheater
4. Explores caves, dungeons and mineshafts
5. Never throws away resources
6. Takes care of pet
7. Never immitates others worlds (optional)
8. Most of the time plays survival mode
9. Knows how to organize stuffs
10. Doesn’t joined a game to destroy other houses
11. Doesn’t rage
12. Had never played fortnite nor once (optional)
13. Doesn’t mute the in game music
14. Tough enough to get the achievements
15. Doesn’t thinks that Minecraft is weird or cringe or stupid etc.
16. Doesn’t play Minecraft just because it is popular once again and because fortnite is getting beaten by Minecraft
17. Knows how to risk the resources
18. Limitless
19. Filled with imagination
20. Mad a tower with a ton of torches on top for a marker but realized it doesn’t work that well
21. Died from missed water fall block
22. Scared from the creeper on the first encounters
23. Freaked out from a baby zombie
24. Blown up once own house by accident
25. Got visited in the front door by a creeper
26. Doesn’t know the purpose of torches on first gameplay
27. Had chased a rabbit on first time and killed it by bare hands
28. Accidentally hits a wolf for the first time and discovered what will happen
29. Doesn’t give up because of getting stuck on the cave without pickaxes or got lost in the jungle
30. Curious
31. Doesn’t follow people’s advice in surviving in YouTube because the way you survive depends on you, you can even not read this anymore
32. Never used Minecraft as a PVP zone at all times
33. Last for years
34. Has your own name
35. Doesn’t steal skins on the internet
36. Can create one’s own skin
37. First house was built by dirt
38. Had accidentally dug the diamonds with a stone pickaxe
39. Accidentally stepped on the dessert temple trap
40. Got jumpscared by the ocean monument elder guardian for the first time
41. Never questioned the game
42. Understands why the game lags
43. Had already set fire on his wooden house once or more than once
44. Got trolled by friends and trolled them too in return
45. Had played in survival mode
46. Had played creative mode
47. Had played spectator mode
48. Had created a nether portal in survival mode
49. Had defeated the ender dragon in survival mode
50. Had survived the world but not in peaceful mode
51. Last for more than 5 days in hardcore mode
52. Started playing the game at the age of 10 or below
53. Once scared from had finished the game without cheats, mod, texture pack, behavior pack, any other apps that is not connected to the game but used to give items to your character
54. got squashed by a sh#t ton of gravel
CreditBy Vincent Bebis

5 replies

10/12/2019 12:08 am
Level 27 : Expert Creeper Hugger
ehh #13...

in-game music used to be less annoying. In beta 1.5 the music was relaxing. now the music just pisses me off lol
10/13/2019 1:01 pmhistory
Level 31 : Artisan Scribe
Which ones piss you off, creative or survival? They all have names btw.
10/12/2019 3:52 am
Level 38 : Artisan Zombie
it depends cuz i hate some music in minecraft and those are cave music
10/10/2019 6:19 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Button Pusher
Yeah,that's very true hahaha!
10/12/2019 3:51 am
Level 38 : Artisan Zombie
let me guess you've got them all

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