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Getting the Achievements + Defeating the Ocean Monument - A "Create A Survival Guide Blog Contest" Entry

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Arkadya's Avatar Arkadya
Level 84 : Elite Artist
Hello guys. EZ here again showing you a nice blog. Now when I create a blog theres always a reason. But theres 2 reason why I made this blog; First I wanted you guys to know how to get those achievements and defeat the ocean monument while on survival; Then I also want to try to participate to this contest. So no more talk. Lets proceed.

Achievements -
   Achievements are added to minecraft to make the game more fun(I guess). And to unlock the other achievements, you must complete the achievements before it. So thats what I would be showing you.

First things first.
          Just press E. How simple is that?

         GETTING WOOD -
           Punch em logs.
          BENCHMARKING -
           Craft a Crafting Table. First, convert your wood into wooden planks. Next, use the wooden planks to make a Crafting Table. Recipe: 
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           TIME TO MINE! -
            Turn planks into sticks by placing 2 planks horizontally on crafting table.Then, Craft a pickaxe to get this achievement. Recipe:
           HOT TOPIC -
            Grab 8 cobblestone by mining stones.Next, Craft a furnace to get this achievement. Recipe:

            Smelt an iron ingot in a furnace.

            How do I "smelt": To do so, you must have fuel(coal, charcoal, and anything that is wooden). Then place your fuel on the bottom slot(AKA: Fuel Slot) and the iron ore on the top slot(AKA: Cooking Slot)

             TIME TO FARM! -
             Turn planks into sticks by placing 2 planks horizontally on crafting table.Then, Craft a hoe to get this achievement. Recipe:

             What is this "hoe": This is the thing that is needed on "farming". Using this hoe, you can turn any grass block into farmland. Farmland should be beside a water to function well. Planting seeds can only be done on farmland.

            BAKE BREAD -
             Craft a bread to get this achievement. Recipe:

            THE LIE -
             Craft a cake to get this achievement. Recipe:

             Craft a Stone, Iron, Gold or Diamond Pickaxe to get this achievement. Recipe:

           DELICIOUS FISH -
              Cook a fish to get this achievement. You can catch fish using fishing rod.

          ON A RAIL -
             Travel 1 km (PC) by Minecart to get this achievement. One block is 1 m, meaning you will have to travel 1000 blocks.

           TIME TO STRIKE! -
             Craft a sword to get this achievement. Recipe:

          MONSTER HUNTER -
             Attack and kill a hostile mob such as a Spider, Zombie, Skeleton, etc. using your sword.

         COW TIPPER -
             Kill a cow and pick up its leather. FUN FACT: You can also kill a horse to get this achievement. This happens cause  both cow AND horse drop leather, and the goal of this achievement is to pick up leather!

          WHEN PIGS FLY -
             Use a Saddle to ride a Pig (Saddles can be found in Chests inside Dungeons, which spawn rarely in Caves) and ride it off a cliff so it takes more than 2 hearts of fall damage to get this achievement.

          SNIPER DUEL -
             Kill a Skeleton or a Wither Skeleton with a bow and arrow from more than 50 meters away. Only the last arrow has to be from this distance, so you can weaken the mob from up close and then shoot him. One block is 1 m, so you need to be 50 blocks away from the mob.

           DIAMONDS! -
             Obtain a Diamond by mining Diamond Ore. Alternatively, if you have a Pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment (which will give you the Diamond Ore block rather than the Diamond), you can smelt the Diamond Ore in a Furnace to get the Diamond.

           WE NEED TO GO DEEPER -
             Build a Nether Portal and enter it to get this achievement. To build a Nether Portal, make a frame of Obsidian blocks (4×5 minimum, 23×23 maximum). The corners of the frame are not necessary, if you would like to save some Obsidian. Next, ignite the Portal with a Flint & Steel and enter it. Entering the portal would send you to the "Nether"

           RETURN TO SENDER -
             Kill a Ghast with a Ghast’s fireball. Wait for the Ghast to shoot at you, then try to hit the fireball at the right time to fire it back at him(her?). Kill him(or her ;)) by doing this to get the achievement.

            INTO FIRE -
             Kill a Blaze and pick up the Blaze Rod if he drops one to get this achievement. Blazes could be found in the nether.

           LOCAL BREWERY -
             Make a Potion in a Brewing Stand to get this achievement. First, make a Glass Bottle and fill it with water by clicking it on water. Then put the Bottle in the bottom of the Brewing Stand and add ingredients such as Nether Wart to make a basic potion.
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            THE END? -
             Enter an End Portal to get this achievement. First, you will have to locate a Stronghold. To do this, you need to make an Eye of Ender. Throw it in the air and it will guide you towards the Stronghold. Keep throwing the Eye until it goes into the ground and it stops. The Stronghold is right below you. Dig down and find the End Portal, now complete the Portal by adding Eyes of Ender in the frame.

           THE END -
             Defeat the Ender Dragon and enter the exit portal (which will spawn at the spot where you killed the Dragon) to get this achievement.

           ENCHANTER -
             Craft an Enchantment Table to get this achievement. Recipe:

          OVERKILL -
             Deal 9 hearts of damage to any mob in a single hit. An enchanted Diamond Sword is suggested.

           LIBRARIAN -
             Craft a Bookshelf to get this achievement. You will need to craft 3 Books first. But you must craft 3 paper for a book.
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             Visit all the biomes in the game to get this achievement. A full updated list of biomes can be found here.

           THE BEGINNING? -
             Spawn a Wither to get this achievement. You will need 4 blocks of Soulsand and 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls (which is a rare drop of Wither Skeletons, which spawn in Nether Fortresses). Next, place the blocks in this order to spawn the Wither:

           THE BEGINNING -
             Kill the Wither to get this achievement. There are lots of way doing this by building a trap for example. You can search for “Minecraft Wither Trap” and you will find lots of tutorials on how to do this.

           BEACONATOR -
             Make a 4 level pyramid and place a Beacon on top of it. First, make a pyramid consisting of Diamond Blocks, Emerald Blocks, Gold Blocks and/or Iron Blocks in any combination. The bottom is a 9×9 platform. Once your pyramid is finished, craft a Beacon and place it at the top to get this achievement.
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          REPOPULATION -
             Use Wheat to let 2 Cows breed. Select the Wheat in your hotbar and right click the Cows while they are close to each other to enable “love mode”. They will breed, spawn a baby Cow and you will get the achievement.

           DIAMONDS TO YOU -
             Drop a diamond (default key is Q) and let another player (or a mob that can pick up items, such as a Zombie or Zombie Pigman) pick it up to get this achievement.

            OVERPOWERED -
             Craft an enchanted Golden Apple. ATTENTION: This dosn't work on 1.9 snapshots, as the update disables crafting of golden apple, so instead of crafting you must find it on dungeons, dessert temples, strongholds, or at the new "igloo"

Now were DONE with the achievements. This means we will now defeat the monument.

Now, Where do I find the monument? Simple answer, but hard to do; You must find an ocean and search it until you found the monument. It looks like an underwater temple, its color is "Blue-Green" and you'll see some prismarines in it. Well, you might be askin' this! Why should I defeat the monument? Well, it's actually fun to defeat them with an epic boss battle with the Elder Guardian, and Loots ofcourse!

So lets start this guide!

Mobs you will encounter:

The Guardian:

    [size=16px]Ocean Monuments are inhabited by dangerous fish-like creatures called the
Guardians. These underwater mobs will attack you with a kind of
electrical beam. They also have spikes, which can damage any player who
is attacking them. These Guardians are very aggressive and will attack
any players (or squid!) who come near them.[/size]

Minecraft Guardian

The Elder Guardian:
     Each Ocean Monument is also guarded by three Elder Guardians. This,
more powerful version of the Guardian is bigger. stronger and nastier
than the ordinary kind. In addition to the spines and beam attack, it
casts a spell called “Mining Fatigue” that makes it harder for you to
break blocks. This means you will have to defeat the Elder Guardians
before you can get to the treasure.

Minecraft Elder Guardian

Fighting the Guardians: 
Killing the Guardians will be a difficult job. You will need sufficient
weaponry and armory, preferably bows and arrows, sword and iron Armour
or better. When a Guardian is targeting you with its beam attack, you
will see the beam and a stream of bubbles pointing towards you. It will
take a few seconds to charge before damaging you: try to get out of its
line of sight by ducking around a corner or behind a block, and you can
avoid taking damage.


Before you go in search of Ocean Monuments you will need to be properly prepared.Armour
You will need good armour, ideally a full set of Diamond armour. Certain enchantments will make your adventure much easier:
  • Helmet enchantments:
    • Respiration will be incredibly useful, as it will increase the amount of time you can last without breathing.
  • Boot enchantments:
    • Depth Strider will allow you to move more easily underwater. This will help you get close enough to the Guardians to attack them.


Guardians are hard to fight, as the water will slow you down when you try to
attack with a sword, and arrows don’t work very well under water. Bring
your best sword and bow, and hope for the best!


  • Potion of Night Vision:
    • This potion allows you to see under water, and will make it a lot easier to find an Ocean Monument in the first place!
  • Potion of Swiftness:
    • This might help you to get closer to the Guardians and dodge away from their beam attacks.
  • Potion of Invisibility:
    • This can help you avoid the Guardians’ attacks.

Other Equipment

  If you run out of air you can escape from drowning by placing a torch on
the wall right next to you. It will fall off immediately, but just for a
moment there will be an air pocket that will let you restore your
oxygen level.

  • Signs or Ladders:
    • When you place one of these against a wall, you will get a block of air,
      useful to create a breathing space or to put in doorways when you have
      cleared the water from a room.

  • Fence posts or glass panes:
    • These can also be used to create an air pocket to let you breathe.
  • Glowstone
    • This light source will work under water.
  • Enchanted Tools
    • Silk Touch enchantment will allow you to collect Sea Lanterns. If you don’t
      have that, a Fortune enchantment will at least let you get more
      Prismarine Crystals when you break one.

The Rewards:

With all those Guardians, an Ocean Monument looks like a dangerous place! So why would you go there?
  • Gold:

             The Treasure Chamber of each Ocean Monument contains 8 gold blocks, hidden behind Dark Prismarine. 

  • Prismarine:
             Prismarine itself is only found in Ocean Monuments, so if you want to use it in your own buildings, you have to take it from here.

  • Sea Lanterns

              Sea Laterns are useful light sources for underwater structures. You can collect them using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, otherwise they will break and you will only get Prismarine Crystals. 

  • Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals

                 These are sometimes dropped by the Guardians when you killed them. These items are used in crafting Sea Latern, Prismarine Bricks and Dark Prismarine. 

  • Sponges:
                 Sponges can be found in Ocean Monuments, either in rooms where they are attached to the ceiling, or dropped by the Elder Guardians.

 Thats all for now folks. Hope you learned something! If you like it please hit THAT diamond button above(Gives you the "Diamonds to You" achievement if you do so ;)) and favorite if you love it. This took me almost a week to complete! I mean its hard to think of something "unique". And winning this contest would make me happy, as much as your happiness when seeing my blogs :). So subscribe if you want more, Diamond if you like it, Favorite if you love it, aaaand gooooodbyeeeeee.

PS. Giving diamond would improve my winning chances, which means I would be able to give YOU more tutorials.

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12/09/2015 5:25 pm
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But, here is the problem if your winning chances are increased by a diamond, then my winning chances will decrease :(
12/09/2015 10:27 pm
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Uhmm. Maybe no. Mine will increases but yours won't decrease
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