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avatar PandaFlowwarrior
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
(This was a little late, I couldn't get on to post this on December 25. It was Christmas with the whole family....)

She couldn’t believe it. She had been walking all day and now she was in a desert with no supplies, food, or blocks. “No use complaining, Kate. You didn’t prepare for this world.” She had spent all day traveling throughout the world and running away from all of the blocky monsters. She had only come into being today. It was weird - she had opened her eyes to an unfamiliar place and a piece of paper that said, “Your name is Kate, new adventurer. Welcome to the world you will now call home.” The sun was setting now and she had nowhere to go. "URGH." Kate yelled so loud that all the monster nearby started coming towards her!

Kate knew she had to think fast and decided to run towards a tree she saw. As she ran, she thought, wait, why is there a tree in the desert? But as soon as she thought this, a spider leapt from the tree and everything went black.

She opened her eyes and saw a dimly lit room with a man standing above her. She looked up at his eyes and gasped. The man's eyes were blank.

(Sorry I left you at a cliffhanger, but if you want to see more of this, SupaGirlGodzila​, just PM me! Merry Christmas!

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Thanks, everyone who left a diamond!
Great story, loved it <3

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